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by agj - Competition Entry

Good god, at last.

Used Flixel for this, my first time with it. Love it, though it took me quite a while to make it do what I wanted (specifically the running on walls and ceilings bit).

The tiny pixel font was made during the competition, and it's available here:

Would've liked to make at least a simple looping background track for the game, but I had no time left for such things. Improving the level design would have been a priority anyway.

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Comments (archive)

Wiering says ...


crackerblocks says ...

brilliant. figuring out how to get to where you want to go is an art. a frustrating art, but still, you're on to something.

wonderwhy-er says ...

Hmm I wonder if anyone have actually passed it. Interesting mechanic. Can be both frustrating and rewarding :) You need to find some kind of symbol here?

Draknek says ...

Nice toy, but as a game it feels rather aimless.

Just something like an arrow pointing in the right direction (through walls) would help.

increpare says ...

too punishing for me : (

localcoder says ...

Um... this was kind of mind-expanding and kind of annoying.

At first, I didn't realise that it was interactive (the arrow keys did nothing!) so I watched the little man run.

Once I figured out what I could do, I went hunting for the white things, but nothing happened when I touched them. Some were hard to get to, and when I finally got there they still did nothing. And then there were a few that I never managed to get to.

So for the whole game I don't know know if it was winnable, or if I was doing the right thing to win. Which made it a curious experience, not unpleasant, but pleasantly strange.

matrin says ...

Fun game, but frustrating. Is it winnable?

ianh says ...

Watching the guy run the wrong direction without any way to turn him around is annoying. It's a very clever idea, though, and I like the economy of it (just one button!)

SonnyBone says ...

This is a rad test in patience, but well worth mastering the art of getting the little bastard to do what you want.

Hempuli says ...

It was slightly boring, but weirdly interesting at the same time ;) The movement system is genius!

Entar says ...

Weird, but kinda funny somehow. Nice mechanic. It's really easy to get lost in there, and it's super hard to turn around when you want to.

Cosr says ...

Really cool. The twisting and turning levels make it really hard to keep track of where you've been. Finding out how to get to where you want to go is rewarding but requires some patience I think.

dertom says ...

I like the simple controls! Altough I didn't finish I liked your game

Hamumu says ...

Localcoder pretty much has my comments covered. Nicely done, but I never knew the point. You can't get the white things, and nothing changes when you touch them, so I assume there is no active goal in the game... is there? It's a clever idea, but as a game it just kinda makes tedium. And a whole lot of backtracking.

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