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by Cosine - Competition Entry

SARTS is a basic platformer game where you take control of the amputee, who is testing the new robowheelchair: in space! Explore the outer edges of the screen with the game's wrapping mechanic, and go up, up, up!

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SonnyBone says ...

I had fun up until a game killing glitch that erased my player from the level. It was on the stage where you start on the bottom left and have to jump up inside that enclosed zig zag hallway, then go left off the screen so you can wrap around and then jump up the middle on those green things. I went through the left side of the stage and didn't appear on the right side. :(

Needs music badly.

C418 says ...

What sonnybone said. The glitch killed the game for me.

Hempuli says ...

There were some collision bugs, but the game was simple and enjoyable.

hubol says ...

Rather nice. Very simple and rather fun. I ended up getting stuck in a level with a bunch of those bounce pad things. Still fun though. I'll give you a 2 on audio, because a game like this really doesn't need any sound.

cptalbertwesker says ...

Sorry but I found it too hard to play, it was far too tricky to manage to jump with the jump pads, the skill needed was too high, especially when trying to jump off the screen onto another when plummeting to the bottom was very easy to do, could of had halfway screen rests like some old platformers used to have so that the player wouldn't get too frustrated with losing all of the progress they've made in a level, loved the little dude though, very cute

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