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by pythong - Competition Entry

Important change because of

Feel free to choose which version you want. The below link provides a "clean" version, which means, the graphics are coloured blobs instead of wingdings

EDIT: the src is the same link as the osx version. under windows, download the .app and open it like a normal folder to get it. under linux, the same, and just compile it normally
EDIT2: why you don't die (at least in the first level). The reason is simple. The enemies get you depending on their level. And a level of 1/2/3 and lifeforce of 2500 does not really show in the first levels, that's why. And that the shield is too strong (completely filling you up again) is also another thing. Yeah, it was harder before, and thinking that a lot of people would get frustrated with that, I turned the enemy strength down

Hey there fellas, final version!
- Programmed with Gosu in Ruby! Simple, fast, fun, leaving more time for graphics and gizmos
- Graphics in Photoshop. If you're wondering why the enemies are so generic, that's Wingdings :D

To the game:
- You are supposed to search through space for specific specimen. you can see which ones you are supposed to find on the right side of the screen (yellow would indicate that you found it already). killing them with your laser is sufficient :D. let's say the beam is a tracking beam, and they shrink or something. ^^
- the game is supposed to give you a feeling of Touhou or something, but I created too many objects I guess and it got slow, so I took a lot of things out
- forgot to add to the tutorial that you can also press down to retreat. that's because at that point I made the tut already, and well, was too tired to change it
- even though I wanted to add sound, I left it out because the ones I made didn't gave me the right feeling I wanted to have for this game.
- my left arm hurts. Actually, it feels empty (kinda) up to the fingertips. Need moar sleep
- also made the enemies easier. their reach is a tiny bit smaller than yours :D
- would have been great to add a huge endboss. but that wouldn't fit the theme anymore

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Comments (archive)

C418 says ...

It's an okay game. I don't like the small bit of what you see of the game world. Could have been bigger. And I don't really get all those little buttons on the right side.

BenHem says ...

Hmm, I found it impossible to die. Does anything injure you? I really liked the screenshot you posted during the compo, of the twisting ovoid-trail in space. Didn't find it in the game, though.
Re: wingdings as graphics, I think that's actually explicitly verboten/disqualified in the rules wiki. :( Sorry to be the messenger!

ianh says ...

The buttons on the right side represent which shapes you've destroyed. It looks like you have to destroy at least one of each shape in a tier to progress to the next.

SonnyBone says ...

I couldn't die or take any damage. The fun of a shooter is using your skill to avoid death while killing other things.

TenjouUtena says ...

Game has serious collision detection issues. The concept was funnish, I couldn't ever find the 8th sprite and move on, and just kind of gave up after a while. I'm not sure if I should have been killing other things.

Hempuli says ...

The game was fun, but the randomness of the enemies slightly took away from the fun.

matrin says ...

The only thing that bothers me, is that the enemies projectiles go straight through you making it hard to perceive you taking any damage at all.

ippa says ...

Smooth gfx and I like how there was tons of different enemies (haha.. wingdings :D..) each with diff fire-patterns :), it kept the game interesting. Seemed like I never got hit by bullets though. Some simple pew-pew sounds would have added to the game :)

increpare says ...

I got nine things - I don't think I liked how the containers disappeared after a while. Initially, I thought my objective was only to collect the star things.

sinoth says ...

Eventually stopped cause I couldn't find the last few guys. I did like the different attack patterns, very SHMUPish.

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