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Come and See

by TeamQuiggan - Competition Entry

Almost finished Resource Gathering game


E - Build Improvement
R - Road
T - Boat house

You can only build Boathouses on Rivers, you need to connect improvements up to either the town or boat houses to collect gold.
You can't currently get able men, and the turn counter is how far away you are from a town or boathouse, the caravans use this to determine the best route.
Edit part deux:
Sorry, I guess I should explain that the gold is bugged and sometimes you don't get gold at the beginning, I ran out of time getting the economy up and running. Sorry that it isn't as 'game-y' as it should've been.

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Comments (archive)

dertom says ...

Reminds me of the good old sid meyer games ala civilisation and so on. You are on a good way and I hope you go on with your work...:D

C418 says ...

I was playing it until the game almost locked up because it had to process too much moves. Har.

ianh says ...

This could use a few more words about how to play. I'm still not sure how you get gold.

SonnyBone says ...

I connected roads to improvements and boat houses and never earned any gold. It also doesn't cost gold to build, so I'm not even sure why I would need it. I agree that this needs more explanation.

Hempuli says ...

I wish you'd have had more time to work on this, it's promising!

matrin says ...

Looks promising, you should continue to work on it. Your world needs a few mountain rangers.

Hamumu says ...

I see where you were going (Civilization!), but as it stands there's nothing to do really... I still had fun throwing down dozens of free 'improvements' (not sure what the term means, but I guess it's logging and such that generates money) and watching them deliver goods to the towns for a while. I probably would've really enjoyed it if you had just gotten those numbers in there so it actually cost things to build and there was some economy to deal with!

AtkinsSJ says ...

Wow, Civilisation is an impressive goal for a weekend! Had fun mucking about with it even though there's not much too it.

Entar says ...

Interesting, good start, but it needs more to it.

Doches says ...

A pretty neat toy as it is, but I'm not really sure what my goal is (collect gold?) or how to get there. Agree with AtkinsSJ: props for trying to tackle Colonisation in a weekend!

sinoth says ...

Great start, would love to see this completed! I enjoyed poking around the island.

Diet Chugg says ...

I liked exploring the island.

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