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by Doches - Competition Entry

...Deeper is an exploration-only roguelike. Descend into a dark cavern in search of treasure, using your torch to light the way. If you can make it back out again before running out of fuel the collected riches can be yours.

Use q,w,e,a,s,d to move, > to descend stairs, and < to ascend stairs.

The Linux version requires Python 2.6.* and PyGame.

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Comments (archive)

shanecelis says ...

Yay for nethacky-inspired hex-hackery!

NiallM says ...

I really like the hexes and the visual style (oh, and the music), but it could use more things to do or avoid. It feels a bit too empty as it is.

AtkinsSJ says ...

Having the character gradually forget where he'd been is an interesting move. Gave it a different atmosphere.

madk says ...

It's a good concept, and you really should build on to it, but right now the game is just repetitive. I did enjoy the music, though.

SonnyBone says ...

I agree with everyone else. It needs more content, but you have a good foundation. Audio is rad.

Molten_ says ...

It's pretty good, nice concept. Gets kinda boring after a while though. I really liked the music, btw.

nitram_cero says ...

Controls are a bit awkward for me.
I don't really understand what I should be doing in the game (I guess my games get that a lot too :)

Perhaps it would benefit from having more stuff on the map.


philomory says ...

The game gets boring pretty fast, but I really dig the look of it, and the sound of it. The title music is awesome, but part of it I'm sure I've heard before.

Hempuli says ...

Empty but enjoyable. :)

Cosr says ...

Not used to playing hexy roguelikes, so the controls took some getting used to. It was odd that even though you forget the areas you've explored the previous levels weren't forgotten when you returned to them.

ianh says ...

This game did not work for me (Mac OS 10.6.2). It gave the error, "pygame.error: File is not a Windows BMP file".

pythong says ...

actually, i found this game too simple and repetetive. like the others said, the controls were also kinda annoying, so that i basically only used wasd, but the concept was nice. also i was running around alot until i decided to not pick up the wood anymore, elsewise i would have survived forever

dock says ...

Wow, this was too big for my monitor! D: Great music though!

cptalbertwesker says ...

Very addictive game, I did break it however by going too far to the right hand side of the screen, nice idea on the theme, music was smooth. I especially like how your torch light faded

sf17k says ...

needs advancing lava of doom or something

increpare says ...

I'm amazed at how natural qweasd controls feel (apparently others felt otherwise though : P ). I got spawned into a wall at one point when going down stairs? It wasn't great, but just the controls were a revelation to me.

sinoth says ...

Loved the dimming mechanic. The difficulty is too random though.. I would go 10 levels with the exit nearly within sight every time, then suddenly reach a level that seemed impossible. I'd spend all of 120+ fuel trying to find the exit to no avail. Also, some tiles seemed to extend above the boundary of the screen? Still, a cool concept and proof that a hex roguelike wouldn't be TOO awkward :)

sirGustav says ...

I would really like a easier control scheme, perhaps one using the mouse

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