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The lost shipwreck

by laremere - Competition Entry

Controls are:
W/S - Forward / Backward
A/D - Spin counter-clockwise/clockwise
Directional Keys - Turn and look

Go forward and the ship will come into view. There are five treasures hidden around the ship, try to get them before air runs out. Good luck.

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Comments (archive)

Hamumu says ...

The problem with this game (besides texture glitches where two panels were adjacent) is that it's a very accurate simulation of controlling an underwater robot. That is, it's painfully slow and awkward! I ended up stuck in a hallway because, for some reason, your turning can actually be impeded, not just your movement (again, realistic but painful). It looks good, and really gave the feel of lurking down in the deep, but all that realism means it isn't enjoyable to control.

SonnyBone says ...

It was VERY difficult to control, and I wanted the light to be just a bit stronger. With a little more work, this could be a decent game, I think.

recursor says ...

Indeed the controls are rather sluggish, realistic but perhaps a bit too sluggish to not be frustrating. I really like the idea though.

localcoder says ...

This captures a particular mood very well but the slow and awkward controls make it difficult to enjoy.

One problem is that I often got stuck so that I couldn't turn. Because I didn't know what shape my body's collider was, it was hard to work out how to unstick myself.

I did enjoy exploring the ship, and managed to find two treasures before getting stuck and giving up.

dock says ...

Unfortunately the lighting didn't work properly on my low-spec laptop, but it was an interesting take on the theme. The controls really did feel like I was underwater.

Wiering says ...

Nice realistic exploration game. I only found one item, but got stuck somewhere and couldn't move anymore. Also, I don't know what shape the player has.

Hempuli says ...

A bit too slow-paced, but I loved the relaxed feeling and emptiness! The control scheme wasn't too confusing.

matrin says ...

Although the game was technically good, the gameplay was boring.

ippa says ...

innovative and realistic, with the downside of a bit slow paced. Might take beautiful gfx and a broader view of the wreck/surroundings to look at while traveling forward to slow. Thinking it could also be expanded into some myst-like puzzle game :).. but ambient music and more stuff "happening" to weight up the "slowness". Cool work in either case! :)

LoneStranger says ...

I agree, navigating is really slow and cumbersome, and not so much fun. It's also really dark. I get that it's supposed to be deep, but some kind of light source from above to at least make some faint shadows would make it less disorienting.

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