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    Ludum Dare 16

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    Alien Diaspora - quidditymaster - Competition Entry

    You are a member of an advanced alien race. You have entered a portal which you hope will lead you across the universe and back to your home planet. The portal is unstable so you will be periodically deposited in the strange mazelike interrim worlds. Here you must find the next portal quickly or be forever trapped. You have the ability to make simple robots which explore the world around you but you yourself are unable to move. Let your bots explore the area collecting gold which you can use to buy upgrades to the bots AI. When a bot reaches the exit portal you will be transported to the next world but all your bots will be left behind and you will have to rebuild your bot army from scratch.

    py2exe gave me too much trouble so for now you will have to just run it from the source code.

    unzip the source go into the folder and run aliendiaspora.py or run the command python aliendiaspora.py from the command line.

    The game was made in python/pygame and the AI upgrades are pretty shabby (along with most everything else in the game) and I had basically no time to try and make the game balanced but here is a best attempt for 48 hours.

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    Comments (archive)

    jplur says ...

    Wow, more people should play this, it's great!

    I got to level 10, never was able to afford the gold finding upgrade. Really funny to see the bots run around and miss the obvious exit. It's very addictive

    matrin says ...

    It needs a fix for linux: "Hud.jpg" should be renamed to "hud.jpg". A nice game, you should make it more accessible so more people would play it, it has potential.

    PS: The bots seem to keep playing after the game is over, and if you leave the game opened, you can still advance through levels.

    TenjouUtena says ...

    This game is fun! I love indirect control games like this (As should be evidenced by the sorts of games that I make.)... This is a good time. Srsly everyone should play it.

    SonnyBone says ...

    I'd love to play this, but I can't run the source. I'll need an EXE.

    AtkinsSJ says ...

    Very nice. :D Got to level 15.

    pythong says ...

    could you still create an .exe plz? wanna play, wanna play (u will naturally also get more votings and comments then ^^)

    Wiering says ...

    Please provide an executable.

    Hempuli says ...

    Can't run it. :(

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