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Fuck Oregon let's go find El Dorado

by crackerblocks - Competition Entry

- realistic Conestoga wagon physics
- 3 exciting diseases
- the legendary city of gold

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Crown Games says ...
Aug 21, 2016 @ 12:43am

Best fucking name ever

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SonnyBone says ...


1) You bastard. I got all the way to El Dorado and then overshot! The tune that plays when you die is hilarious.

2) MOO

3) DAMNED INDIANS GIVIN ME DISEASES! Wait... Wasn't it the other way around?!

4) This is easily one of the coolest games I've played in a long time. It's simple, it's hilarious, and it works. Good friggin' job.

Hempuli says ...


C418 says ...

The title alone gets 5 points.

scellers says ...

What a hilarious game. Good job!

Codexus says ...

Not enough gameplay and needs more objects to play with physics sandbox.

Overman says ...

The description is very funny, the game not as much. Still a very "innovative" take on the exploration theme.

philomory says ...

First of all, this game is flipping hilarious. The name is great right of the bat, and the messages during gameplay are quite amusing, too. Also, there's nothing quite like accidentally sailing your Conestoga wagon over El Dorado and into a bottomless pit to put a smile on you face.
The audio isn't really anything to write home about, but I gave a bonus point for the amusing cow sound.
Also, I didn't think the gameplay was *that* spectacular myself, but my girlfriend played it for 45 minutes straight and only stopped because she received an important phone call. So I think that counts for something.

EDIT: Two days later and I still giggle every time I read the name. Awesome.

increpare says ...

I like this : )

wonderwhy-er says ...

Well kind of funny game and sounds are good :) It is little bit frustrating tough and there were some cases when it was impossible to pass but I think for 48h with random maps it is normal :)

Hamumu says ...

Really fun and really cool. There are plenty of games with this exact gameplay, but they don't have the ridiculous theme on top (and I suppose they don't have the food, life meters, and diseases to deal with!). I found El Dorado on my first try!

Cosr says ...

The wagon is hard to control and this can be both a good thing and a bad thing. It's often very amusing to watch it bouncing around and flying through the air though.

dock says ...

This was surprising, I just wish I had played Oregon Trail so that I caught more of the references. Definitely a unique take on the exploration theme, being more about explorers than exploring.

dertom says ...

Hehe,...I liked it! Would be a nice feature to earn points for cool loopings :D

Atomic says ...

Very fun(ny)!. You really like diseases, don't you?

5parrowhawk says ...

Is there an alternative download location? I can't access it - connection keeps timing out.
Edit: Finally managed to download.
I think this is the most entertaining game I've played this compo. Am seriously hoping it will win.

cptalbertwesker says ...

That was amazing! Best game I have played in ages, laugh out loud funny, but also very taxing and tricky to play, love it!

sylvie says ...

Awesome game. Getting stuck between two hills and having to back up can be annoying though.

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