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Sunday Hiker

by matrin - Competition Entry

Click on the brown dots and explore.

Well it not exactly a finished game. More a presentation of game mechanic. I lost sight of my goal the second day and didn't really know what to make with this.

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Comments (archive)

C418 says ...

Not much there. And I can't really see what it would have been for a game. But maybe your imagination is bigger than mine.

SonnyBone says ...

Reminds me of that hiker game on The Price Is Right. There really isn't much of a game here, sadly. You could always give us the option to commit suicide from the top, though.

TenjouUtena says ...

A neat little mechanic. As you say, not really a game.. graphics are simple, but they fit.

philomory says ...

It's an interesting mechanic, and I like it. But, it needs more game :p. If you expanded it, you could end up with something neat, though.

Hamumu says ...

Hmmm. I'm not sure what the mechanic is. Just that there are spots to click on and the guy walks to them? Definitely could make a great adventure game like that. You should!

Diet Chugg says ...

Guess it would make a nice over-world map for a game. Make each dot a level and you would be set.

Hempuli says ...

It was relaxing.

hubol says ...


Not much to play really.

Codexus says ...

Interesting way of controlling the character

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