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by dock - Competition Entry

voxel penguins having fun in the snow!

edit: updated with source.

also please note, there is no jump button, the game is controlled entirely with direction keys and Enter to proceed through text.

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Comments (archive)

SonnyBone says ...


I encountered a glitch, though. I got stuck between a tree and a wall. :(

The visuals here are fantastic. I love the song. I love the quests to gather food for penguins. I love the fact that I'm a penguin. A girl penguin. With a pink bow.


Devlin says ...

Awesome stuff.

Codexus says ...

I love it, super cute penguins though a bit too pixelly for my taste.

I got stuck once
No joypad button to talk to the penguins
I would have liked to be able to rotate the camera (mario64-style)

A serious candidate for the win.

NB: No source link? it's required.

increpare says ...

Loves it!

FYI rules stipulate that you should include source. [blanket comment on entries that don't include source].

stRana says ...

It get's frustrating because what you want is just there and you still can't reach it because there is no jump-button :/

dertom says ...

Nice nice,...really like this one and was quite proud as I got the red key with taking the big pice of wood and plcae it between the spaces... :D Very good job...Actually I can't understand why you implemented the M-Control?!? :D

AstralCalculus says ...

I've been dying to play this since I saw the first screencapture. LOVE the retro/voxel style.

agj says ...

Immensely cute. Love the voxels.

arzi says ...

This game blew my mind. And the music blew my ears (they still bleed)

And I think you're on to something with this fake-voxel-retro artstyle :)

pythong says ...

I gotta admit at first I also didn't realize what to do since the penguin couldn't jump. if the second pink one on the left side (from the start) hadn't been there, i would have never gotten the idea to angrily bump myself into the pole, only to realize that you can do that! nice entry!

gimblll says ...

That was cool. Altough I don't think you're very nice teasing the penguins by placing the food just above their heads. :)

Risko says ...

Nice game, i liked the graphics except the green walls and some pink parts... and the french penguin is cute ;) But i would prefer to see at least 2 frames of animation by the main penguin.
You have in your configuration part of the game informations about input for some other game, so i needed 2 minutes to find out, that i really cant jump nor fire with 3 various guns :)
The music was nice in the beginning, but i had to turn it of after a (short) while, because it was too repetitive.
And as more people here, i got stuck on the wall near the cake so i had to play it again.
But the overall feeling from the game is good, thumbs up.

recursor says ...

This is definitely on my short list of the best games. Berry nice! I will echo the source code requirement though.

Molten_ says ...

Wow, really nice. Took me forever to figure out that you need to actually COME BACK and get the cake. I kept trying to get it from the beginning, haha.

Sophie Houlden says ...

you already know I love the voxel penguins, and I love everything else too. it fit the them perfectly, and your mininmal introduction meant even finding the gameplay was fun exploration :)

Hempuli says ...

This was really adorable, and the puzzle with the log was clever!

Atomic says ...

Not my cup of tea as I don't enjoy slow gameplay but it fits the theme nicely. I like the style of your voxel graphics but there are lots of graphic/physics glitches (might be the engine's fault, not sure). The control selection screen is also a bit misleading, can't you turn it off?.

Cosr says ...

Like the penguins. Quite lovely, and the initial puzzles were neat.
Greedy little penguin kept asking for bread after I gave it to him...

hubol says ...

Very nice! A little confusing at first, but I eventually figured it out.

sinoth says ...

Ahhh, voxels :> Noticed some glitches that looked like Z-fighting between faces. Some of the lighter textures were hard on the eyes. The static camera made it feel a little claustrophobic and hurt the 'exploration' aspect. Still, an enjoyable and charming game! Vive le voxels!

ippa says ...

great retro/3d gfxmix, decent music (for 4 mins anyhow ;)..) but most importantly, great game play and mini-puzzles. I enjoyed this.

Entar says ...

Cool, has some funky music.

5parrowhawk says ...

It's an extremely beautiful set of lock-and-key puzzles. I really dig the art and the chiptune BGM, and the feel of moving around is good, but the gameplay left me - pun not intended - a little bit cold. The part which struck me as smart was how the wooden block had multiple uses - if the game had more of those "aha!" moments it would be so much more interesting. Also, the use of Pengy Pan to cue the player into the possibility of physics was very smart - well done on that score.

matrin says ...

Penguins for the win. When I finished, it felt like there was more (probably because of the surplus items).

sirGustav says ...

catchy song and cure penguin, what more can you ask :)

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