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Deep Field

by Gilvado - Competition Entry

Well, I ended up finishing and posting it. It's very very incomplete, but hey, at least it's playable.

There's a fair amount going on under the hood, I didn't have time to put in in-game tutorials.

Colonize stars, while searching for artifacts. Collect points from trade routes between stars.

Just remember: Closer to the center is always better! More resources, cheaper to colonize. Colonize from the center out.

Moving from star to star takes 50 energy + the amount of distance between you and the next star. Just click on a star to move there. It takes a variable amount of years, based on your speed, your distance from the galactic core, and the distance to the next star.

Exploring gives you a small chance to get an item, and takes 4 years, unless you've found sails.

Colonizing takes a certain amount of energy. Colonies automatically grow as years go by. They also generate points both for themselves, and for trade routes.

Diving into a sun is the primary way to get more energy. Each time you do, there will be less energy left. It also takes the same amount of time as exploring.

Things you can find:
Drives increase your world map movement speed.
Capacitors increase your maximum energy.
Sails reduce the time to explore or dive.
Statues give you points.
Crystals give you energy.

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Comments (archive)

doohan says ...

Kinda fun, i like the exploding score effects at the end of each turn. Would be cool if there were some sort of bad guys to add a bit more challenge, or something to avoid.

SonnyBone says ...

This is a neat idea with a RAD visual style. You should expand on this.

KungPhoo says ...

Excellent game. Nice and fully playable.

refrag says ...

Very interesting concepts. I'd love to see this further developed. Really glad you stuck with it and submitted this!

Sos says ...

Reminds me of Spore space exploration :) Well done

matrin says ...

The time limit is kind of harsh.Another limitation, like running out of resources would be better.

Hamumu says ...

What this game desperately needed was a display of your gear. You know, sails, drive, capacitor, etc. It was a cool game, though, very much Weird Worlds. I agree that the exploding points were fun.

Entar says ...

Interesting. Could have clearer instructions and goals, but nice work.

gimblll says ...

Quite cool game for such a simple thing, I hope you continue this. Reminds me a bit of Strange Adventures in Infinite Space.

Hempuli says ...

Interesting gameplay; though I wish you could do more on a planet!

cptalbertwesker says ...

The idea of the game was great, I loved it, but I didn't really get what impact I was making on the game, would of been nice for something to show that I had run out of time, think you aimed a little too high with what you wanted to do, if you'd of started simple the game would have felt more complete, however it is still an admirable game for 48 hours

wonderwhy-er says ...

Got some 39k did not grasp what or how should realy be done. Pretty fun and kind of Orion like :)

sylvie says ...

There are some neat concepts here, fun to play around with and try out different strategies even if there's not much depth to it at this point.

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