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Dark Maze

by shizzy0 - Competition Entry

Here's my entry. My idea was to try do audio only navigation. You can certainly try that with a pair of headphones. It takes advantage of the stereo sound, so that you can try to understand what is around you without actually seeing. However, there is also a visual element to the game that I used for debugging, and I included a "cheat" checkbox so you can actually reveal what the level looks like.

I look forward to seeing everyone's entries!


p.s. I used Mathematica, which requires downloading Mathematica Player 7, which is located here:

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Comments (archive)

Codexus says ...

I think it's really cool to see an entry made with Mathematica (actually I just bought a copy of the home edition a few weeks ago). Now I can't really tell if the game is really working, it's all very experimental but the idea is really cool.

SonnyBone says ...

I can't really figure out how to do this with the screen off. I can't seem to translate the audio cues into directions. Also, there is no goal? The first stage is just one block.

Covenant says ...

Excelent concept... It's only playable with headphones, tbh, tried it with speakers (even a 5.1 system with the speakers all far away from each other), but couldn't get anywhere... With headphones, I could semi-navigate...

Atomic says ...

As you said we tried similar ideas - initially I also thought about using stereo/binaural sound but gave up because of the time constraint.

I could avoid bumping using just sound but only achieved navigation looking at the screen (AFAIK there is no way to tell if you are near the exit or going in the right direction). Looking at the screen it is far too easy, though.

We tried but both our games are very hard (I took about 30min to finish mine for the first time - 10min the second time), I guess sound only games need more time to work well.

Risko says ...

I'm always happy if someone uses tools for things they are not appointed to, so you got extra points for using mathematica. ;) And using just sound to locate the world makes the experience much stronger even by 'not quite finished' game. ;) My main problem was, that i had a feeling that i have to find something like level end and it was to late, when i realized, that all i have to do is to get the picture of the level in my mind. At that time i already used the cheat possibility and knew how the levels look like. (and i still think that without this possibility i would be unable to find out where i'm)

increpare says ...

I resented having to install the mathematical player a little. I like the ball-throwing idea.

ianh says ...

Mathematica? How the...

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