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The Europa Arcology Incident

by Notch - Competition Entry

TEAI is a Roguelike game written in java. It runs as an applet in a web browser, and is 320x240 pixels large, scaled up x2 to 640x480 pixels.

Full controls and instructions are available ingame by pressing '?'.

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Comments (archive)

crackerblocks says ...

ahhh I'm a sucker for a good roguelike. I like the style of this one.

dock says ...

Ah, I'm finding this really hard to control without a numpad keyboard. I'll wait until I'm back on my desktop to play this. I really like the looks of it so far though, and the graphic style is charming!:)

Hempuli says ...

Even though the interface wasn't that intuitive, I had a lot of fun with this!

C418 says ...

It's great.

SonnyBone says ...

Film at 11

This is a stylish roguelike.

Mark Overmars says ...

Though it fit the theme well, I thought there were too many roguelike submissions and that the idea was too obvious for Exploration. Overall the game was very good and EXTREMELY well-made for two days. I would have rated full for graphics but the font was too difficult to read, so 4 stars is what you get :)

philomory says ...

This is pretty sweet, a 48 hour roguelike always impresses. You're right when you comment that it needs balancing; it feels like there are way too many items laying around and not nearly enough to do with them. The high enemey respawn rate is nice when you need that one keycard; when you're trying to run around picking up some of seemingly infinite equipment lying around so you can sell it for $4, not so much.

Nonetheless, very nice! Enough of a draw that I'll definitely come back to finish the game, though not enough to make me finish it in one sitting :-p

Also, the windows download link doesn't seem to actually go anywhere. But the web version works.

agj says ...

Eek. OK, I'm not really into roguelikes. I won't rate you, as it wouldn't be fair.

localcoder says ...

Yay, roguelike!
Yay, java!

This is great. It has all the right parts where you'd expect them, nothing feels rushed or missing.

Minor problems are that the font is hard to read, and it's a bit annoying trying to remember whether some inventory on the ground is better than what you've currently got or not. (Perhaps that's just how roguelikes are?) Also, although I didn't get too far, there wasn't much variety in items with almost everything leather or rusty leather. (I found some better items in shops).

It all looks very stylish and most of the controls (like shooting) are very streamlined.

Thanks for the game.

ianh says ...

For two days, this is absolutely incredible. I am in awe.

matrin says ...

I can always count on you to supply a great Java submission I can play on my Linux machines. :D

I did find the controls a bit complicated, but once you figure it out it plays well.

refrag says ...

I hate rogue-likes - but this is definitely the strongest LD16 submission I've seen so far. You accomplished an insane amount over the 48hr period. Bravo.

wonderwhy-er says ...

Liked this entry very much. Interesting graphics and pretty much of content. Only bad thing is controls probably... Too many buttons to do not so many thing...

TenjouUtena says ...

Great little RL from Notch!

arzi says ...

They interface was a bit clumsy, but otherwise great work! I kind of enjoyed the art style too.

Atomic says ...

Not my cup of tea but I can see it has lots of details and took a lot of effort. I don't like that weird "isometric" projection but the shadows/fog and the font are nice. Sound and simpler controls would have been nice as well.

sinoth says ...

Roguelikes, represent! A very solid feeling system. The inventory management is a bit cumbersome at times, but nothing game-breaking. As others have mentioned the font is hard to read. I'm surprised by the amount of content you were able to make.. well done, sir.

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