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Little Worlds 4k

by Morre - Competition Entry

EDIT: A few people had not realized that the brighter brown crates can be moved, and therefore thought it was impossible to collect all the coins. Don't worry, it's possible!


I had somewhat ambitious plans for an adventure-puzzle game in 4kb, but I ended up significantly simplifying the concept and creating a coin-collecting game (mostly because of lack of motivation).

Also note that this is the Ludum Dare 48h version of the game. Hopefully the Java4k will see a proper (fun) version of the game, with a couple of new elements to it. As I have been unable to get pack200/gz to work for this contest, the class file that's run is larger than 4kb. However, the compressed version is significantly smaller than 4k, despite not being fully optimized.

The linked source code also includes the source for the level editor I made for the game.

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Comments (archive)

Stoney says ...

Nice concept and fun to play.
But for some reason, the player sprite gets reguarly stuck in the elevators, which is pretty frustrating.

killdream says ...

Interesting concept. The movement is a bit buggy though, which is a little frustrating, but aside of that the game is enjoyable.

philomory says ...

With a bit more polish, this would be really awesome. As it stands, it's still a very good game. My main advice would be that it should be several levels, each much smaller than the one currently in place. That, plus a little tightening of the controls and maybe the addition of some sounds, and this'll be a really winner. The basic mechanic is interesting enough that I think it's worth putting a lot of polish into this.

C418 says ...

The gameplay is okay. Nothing special though. It's not like I get something cool when I painfully collect every coin.

pythong says ...

haha, I got stuck between to big boxes and had to restart, only to carry the brighter crate around all the time
Solid and running entry

dertom says ...

Respekt! Actually for me it is a miricale how to pack all of this to 4k!? :D Gameplay is perfect and the look and feel makes already a really really good impression. Good luck for the 4k-compo

SonnyBone says ...

Great innovation. I want to see the final version of this!

Hempuli says ...

It's sad that you lost your motivation - this game has potential!

matrin says ...

Love the game idea. Could be harder though.

increpare says ...

serious flicker. the small blocks aren't green!

a nice direction, though, I though...

arzi says ...

I really like the concept, and the art works really well, even if it is very simple. With some polish it'll be a nice little game.

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