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In The Field

by Entar - Competition Entry

"In The Field" is my entry for LD16, in which the player must get from one point to another. The catch is that the goal point is in different place on every level, the environment is dark until explored, and there are red fields of death all around. If you get too far into the red, you'll die, but it's up to you to know how far is too far. So basically, my game consists of many big, dark mazes of danger. Infinite actually, they're procedurally generated, and you can choose the size of your board in game. Have fun!

It's also worth noting that I only spent maybe 6 or 7 hours developing this, as I was a little limited on time this time around. I used C/C++, SDL and OpenGL to make the game, and GIMP for textures.

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Comments (archive)

philomory says ...

A pretty interesting, if small, game. Engaging enough to play through several levels, and it works fine.

eli says ...

Love the visuals - simple yet catchy.

SpaceManiac says ...

First one I tried. Simple and catchy visuals. A simple game but wonderful as such!

SonnyBone says ...

This game fits the theme nicely.

C418 says ...

S'okay. I don't feel like it's hard enough though.

AtkinsSJ says ...

Pretty simple, but fun. I like it!

Hempuli says ...

Interesting idea, though it lackssome 'meat'.

LoneStranger says ...

Neat idea. Went through about eight levels. It's missing some baddies that randomly go around until they see you. It would give some kind of urgency while looking for the exit, causing the player to get as close to the lava as possible while dodging.

dertom says ...

Nice...fits good to the theme

5parrowhawk says ...

The game is impossible to lose if playing carefully, or even if not playing very carefully - as such it lacks a strong sense of agency. It would be helpful to add some impetus for the player to enter the danger areas. I suggest randomly seeding "treasure" on each board (possibly in areas which cannot be entered), and scoring the player on treasure picked up vs. time taken. This forces the player to make tough decisions on grabbing treasure vs. clearing the level. You could also make the danger areas do gradual damage (possibly partly random) rather than killing the player outright, so as to make the decision-making process more involved.

In the end I'm not sure whether this is a good idea, but my rating will take into account the fact that you only spent 7 hours on it. For 7 hours it is definitely really impressive. If you had spent double the time to enhance the gameplay, this might have been a contender for best game.

cptalbertwesker says ...

Fits well to the theme, nicely designed levels, and an engaging play

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