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by Sophie Houlden - Competition Entry

*** I only just woke up in time to submit the web build, I'll upload win and osx versions tomorrow :) ***

Walk: WASD or Arrow keys
Jet: Hold space

when your jet heats up it cuts out till it has cooled down. there's no indication of when it can be used again but cooldown doesen't take long :)

none! just walk around a procedurally generated mars.
also, whilst you can walk forever in any direction (yay PCG) the only real points of interest are the base at the start, and the rocks over the hill to the right of the start point.

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SkullSoft says ...
Mar 28, 2012 @ 7:53pm

I like the camera work with the jetpack!

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Comments (archive)

refrag says ...

Beautiful environment. Would love to see this fleshed out into a game.

increpare says ...

rocks to the right of the start point? but there are rocks everywhere...I couldn't find any particularly interesting ones...HMMM.

SonnyBone says ...

This is a nice little experiment, but there just isn't enough variation to warrant exploration, imo. Your time lapse is one of the best I've seen!

philomory says ...

It's kinda fun to bop around on a jetpack on mars... it's a pity there's nothing to find yet.

BenHem says ...

What a shiny butt! Most of my ratings are n/a since it is more of a framework than a game so far...nice graphics, though.

C418 says ...

Funniest walking animation ever created by mankind.

Hempuli says ...

For some strange reason closing the game crashes my browser.

The movement was really slow, but you had a pretty cool start here!

Codexus says ...

Nice character animation and cool PGC terrain. Since there is nothing to do you could have at least let us jetpack as much as we want, walking is just too slow :D

dertom says ...

Nice,...I really liked to have a walk on that planet. Especially jumping around :D

jplur says ...

Really nice, the lack of sound makes sense because of thin atmosphere.

The player animations could have been a little better, the slow movement is good but at rest the character seems really tired.

Wiering says ...

The jumping was cool!

Risko says ...

i liked that jetpack animation and camera angle -- had a feeling of beeing an angel drawn by some invisible string to heaven... ;)

dock says ...

Great work with the procedurally generated environment! It's a shame that it wasn't possible to get a goal in place in time for the deadline, but what you have going is very impressive. Love the camera!

Atomic says ...

If this was a 48h modelling/pcg contest you might win but there isn't much of a game to it..

gimblll says ...

Nice start, I wish there was a game in there.

Entar says ...

Needs... a game. Has some potential, cool work with the procedural generation.

matrin says ...

Beautiful, too bad you didn't finish. I love the awkward walk.

Gilvado says ...

Neat toy. Think there's potential for procedurally generated Martian ruins, with scientifik diskoveries.

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