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by Covenant - Competition Entry

Close call, don't have time to think of something witty to put here... :)

Anyway, the game is complete, just missing music and load/save (which would come in handy, don't think anybody will take the time to finish this to see the kickass end cutscene...)...

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Comments (archive)

Stalker_23b says ...

Very good intro and story )

C418 says ...

Hm. Monkey Island fan, eh? I think, well, yeah, the intro is a fun start into the game. The actual game was a bit too slow for me. I sailed around, found nothing but spikes and a toilet flush, went back to the island, digged a bit, had no money for shovels anymore and called it a day. But I think this game could develop well.

dertom says ...

cool...nice mixture of pirates and monkey island :D

Codexus says ...

Not enough action. All I did was dig until I had no more money to buy shovels and never could afford even a single map.

SonnyBone says ...

I also ran out of shovels, but something even stranger happened. I closed the program, but now whenever I press SPACE (like I'm doing now to type this message) I hear your cannon sound effect. THE GAME IS A GHOST! AAAAAAAH!

Hempuli says ...

It was indeed very slow, but this game sure has potential!

Catmoo says ...

Was really cool, although sadly at one point it wouldn't let me back in my ship and it kept putting me back onto the middle of the island, also it kept running in the background after I quit which I thought was a little weird.

But it was an enjoyable game :D (loved that he'd be back in a jiffy!) shame it didn't have much audio.

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