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Jail Escape

by Rudy_Guillan - Competition Entry

You are a militar, prisoner behind the enemy lines. Tomorrow you will be executed because you know too much. When a guard brings you your last dinner, you knock off him and start your escape. You can't make noise, you cant't use the guard's machine gun, because you are in an infested of enemies place.

UP ARROW: Advance
LEFT ARROW: Turn left
RIGHT ARROW: Turn right

Your objective in each level is to reach the blue circle (that symbolizes a door). If a guard sees you, you loose.

There is a little glitch, it's difficult to explain, so you can try it: go until you reach a wall. It's better not to go near the walls.

If you win the game (5 levels), some stats will appear on screen. This stats are, for each level, the time (in seconds) that you spent in that level, the percentage of floor you explored, and the times a guard saw you.

Instructions to execute:
- Install Python 2.x (
- Install Pygame (
- Install Numpy (
- Run with python or double-click the file "".

Yes, there are 3 libraries to install, but it won't take more than 10 minutes!

I included a progress log in the main folder, read it if you wanna know my experience.

UPDATE: I included a Windows binary (i.e. EXE), so if you use Windows you don't have to install all the libraries. Simply uncompress and double-click Jail_Escape.exe

Till the next LD!

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Comments (archive)

SonnyBone says ...

I don't know if many people will be willing to install 3 different programs just to play this. You may want to consider getting an EXE in if at all possible. I believe it's required that you provide a Windows version, and all you have here is the source.

localcoder says ...

Thanks for the windows build.

You have some great line-of-sight technology here. I would love to see you do more with it.

I think you've made the game a bit hard by giving the player a very limited field of view and a slow turning speed - I feel like some of the levels can only be beaten by memorising where the enemies will be because the player's vision isn't good enough. (Giving the guards footstep sounds could be an alternative way to make it easier.) I found level three particularly difficult.

Nice sneaking mechanics though, and I thought that the game was just the right length.

My stats:
Lvl 1: 56s. Lost 1 time.
Lvl 2: 21s. Lost 1 time
Level 3: 267s. Lost 24 times.
Level 4: 135s. Lost 7 times.
Level 5: 55s. Lost 7 times.

C418 says ...

I don't think this has anything to do with exploration. Except exploring the escape route of a prison counts. Probably.

TenjouUtena says ...

This fits awesome! I love it, very original in this compo. Unfortunately the wall bug makes it really hard to play. Post if you fix it?

dertom says ...

I find this fits as exploration in my oppinion do have necessarily have something to do with huge terrains or so. This game was really fun AND it was challanging! Really good job! Keep on rocking

sinoth says ...

Man, the wall bug kills this. The line-of-sight looks very cool though!

Level 1: 46s. 96& Lost 0 times
Level 2: 27s. 66% Lost 2 times
Level 3: 143s. 47% Lost 10 times
Level 4: 267s. 65% Lost 20 times
Level 5: 65s. 54% Lost 9 times

Hempuli says ...

The effect was cool, but the movement was kinda clumsy.

increpare says ...


Actually, once I learned to just never go near walls, it was pretty fun - I liked the level design - movement felt a tad slow (might have well with keyboard/mouse movement combo?), but generally I liked it.

my loosing stats were 0 2 2 1 4

cptalbertwesker says ...

The graphics are nice, as is the system you have in place for the torchlight, I like how it doesn't penetrate through walls, the players view does make it a bit difficult on occasion though being seen by bad guys without realising they were there can suck a bit

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