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Exploration game

by gustav - Competition Entry

Basically a very unfinished platformer :)

Super ugly code and choppy collision detection makes it very difficult to enjoy any of the (somewhat sparse ) platforming elements. You can even walk across the lava! I guess this is the limit of what I can accomplish in around 11 hours, I should have started earlier!

Requires XNA Game Studio 3.1 redistributable in order to run - Link:

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Comments (archive)

TenjouUtena says ...

XNA FTW! A fun concept.. it ran slow on my box for some reason, or at least it _felt_ slow, I can see where you were going with this.

SonnyBone says ...

The EXE won't load for me. It encounters and unexpected error on startup.


AtkinsSJ says ...

Really interesting start - probably far more complex maths than I could cope with during LD-stress. :P

Hempuli says ...

No pixel shaders. :(

recursor says ...

Aw man! It won't run on my machine. I get an 'unexpected error' then it exits (I'm running win7 64-bit)

C418 says ...

Hm, okay. I don't know if this would make a good game alone. It's just a generic platformer. but I could see the fact the level gets smaller and smaller being quite interesting.

TeamQuiggan says ...

I thought it was really neat! When you get towards the centre it gets very trippy, I would play a whole game like this!

Covenant says ...

Wish this one would have been complete... I like the circular platformer concept... :)

dertom says ...

Nice I really liked this round level. Actually never saw something like this before. Too bad that there is not more gameplay (actually my entry had the same problem :( ) Nevertheless...great job! And keep on rocking...

Codexus says ...

Nice circular level, too bad you didn't have the time to finish it. Not bad considering it's a 12 hours entry.

Atomic says ...

I'd love to play it but doesn't run here :/

sirGustav says ...

nice concept

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