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Drifting in the Stellar Winds

by mocker - Competition Entry

This is not a complete game. I spent way too much time trying to develop a complicated setup, making this my first flash game and only 3 flash anything that I've ever done.
Right now you can login and fly anywhere in a persistent universe filled with planets. Rename planets. If there are other people on, they should show up as aliens.
Totally buggy but have a look
Couples notes:

When it is in text input, hit esc to get out . There is a bug that sets it in text input right when you start.

There are two modes of travel: Sail and Thrust. T toggles what mode you are in. In 'Sail' mode, you get pushed around by the gravity of nearby planets in a pretty unpredictable manner. In Thrust, you don't and can manuever. You start in 'Sail' mode so you'll need to change to thrust to approach a planet.

When you fly to the middle of a planet, the name of the planet will show up. You can rename it at that time if you wish.

Warp ('R') only works if you have come to a stop. A bug currently doesn't allow you to input negative numbers

I am continuing this project for Tigsource Assemblee and will post a link later if anyone wants to see updates

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Comments (archive)

Hempuli says ...

What a shame that you couldn't finish this! It seemed promising...

SonnyBone says ...

I also can't get it to work. I'll check later.

jplur says ...

Looks really interesting, but when the game starts it has the cursor for naming somthing, and all i can do is enter text.

I'll check back later though!

ianh says ...

The persistent universe part is neat; I wish there were more things to modify/create.

C418 says ...

The controls confuse me so much. Trying to fly to a planet throws me through the entire game.

TenjouUtena says ...

I can't really do anything because the way it renders in my browser most of the game is cut off.

localcoder says ...

I zoomed around and named lots of planets. A lot of them have 'N' at the start because of a key entry bug and me not realising that you can backspace with the left arrow key...

LoneStranger says ...

Looks promising, especially if you added more player-player interaction. The planets seemed to push instead of pull when I was flying, but it's a neat concept.

increpare says ...

gravity was a bit crazy...

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