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by stuckie - Competition Entry

You will need the PLUS an Engine Binary for your platform. More Platforms will be up as I make them, if I can - or compile from the SVN.

Ensure the Data folder is in the same folder as the Engine Binary, or nothing'll happen ;)
If people get confused, I'll create a combined zip for each platform.

Derelict is a turn-based strategy game.. sortof...
Single Player isn't much fun as there isn't really any AI unfortunately as I had to rewrite lots of code in final few hours!
There is hot-seat multi-player however!

Current Engine Build is for AMD64 Linux only, I shall get this fixed shortly: but the game data will be unchanged - DONE!

Engine source is here if you want to compile for your own platform, see what I did: should only need SDL ( + mixer and image ), and Lua5.1

Arrow Keys move most things.
A - movement mode
S - firing mode
d - door mode
q - skill 1
e - skill 2
1 - 4 - display stats for that unit
return - confirms most things
backspace - cancels current unit selection in crew selection.

I'll hopefully be developing this further :)

Apologies for being about 20 mins late.. kept making bad zips somehow!

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Comments (archive)

KungPhoo says ...

Very nice game. The controls are a bit... 1990 IMO. A menu might be better. Also, the missing of a single player mode is a bit of a problem. A true shame that you couldn't implement at least a very silly AI algo.

SonnyBone says ...

CREW SELECT IS RAD. This game needs some work, but you're off to a great start.

philomory says ...

I have a soft spot for turn based strategy, and I know how hard it is to do it well since I tried to do it for LD15. You noted that skills don't work in the post-mortem, but, I couldn't get weapons to work either. Ah, well.

C418 says ...

Good start. Now to finish it and you'd make quite a few people happy.

TenjouUtena says ...

I tried really hard to like this! The exploration aspect is there. It would be less frustrating is A: Walls has a different texture than black, and B: It warned when you were switching turns. I love TBS, though!

Hamumu says ...

I thought I was getting somewhere, but I finally found an alien and discovered I had no way to shoot, apparently. Is there a trick to it beyond firing mode + enter on an enemy? I concur with whoever said the walls shouldn't be black... SO confusing that they are the same as unexplored space. It seems like you got overambitious - bunch of different classes with special skills to choose from was cool, but being able to properly control and play just plain old soldiers would've been better!

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