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Massacre at Misfit Toy Island

by sfernald - Competition Entry

The objective is to destroy all the misfit toys. You have to destroy all twelve toys to see the ending.

Works on Mac or Windows. Plays in full screen at 1280x1024. The file has a ton of graphics and sound effects and is a 13 Megabyte zip file.

Download here:

The keys to play are:

Use arrows to move
A & D to rotate
and Space to fire

Good luck!

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Comments (archive)

C418 says ...

Working for me!

pythong says ...

hmm. strangely the .exe doesn't work for me (winXP). it opens the blitzmax window and closes it again

AtkinsSJ says ...

Interesting idea of using photographs - I'll bet that saved a lot of time. :D

But the game seemed pretty impossible to me - the toys fired so many bullets I couldn't dodge them, and my bullets never reached the toys. I'll admit I'm not very good at games, so that might be it!

philomory says ...

Was able to download it successfully finally, but now I get the problem where the blitzmax window opens and then crashes. Alas.

Wiering says ...

Interesting graphics style, but the game gets very repetitive, I only managed to shoot one toy thing (how many times do you have to hit them?)

SonnyBone says ...

Man, this is way too hard. It took like 50 shots to kill the friggin' Tootsie Roll can. Plus you take like one hit and you go back to the title screen. I wanted to finish it, but I just can't do it. lol

Hamumu says ...

I'm trying this out on a brand-new Win7 install, and it crashes on startup. Since it's a fresh copy, and you don't say what this uses, I can't guess what I'm missing! I'll try it on my Vista computer when I get home sometime.

dock says ...

The photographs fill me with terror! Congratulations! XD

TenjouUtena says ...

Yeah, this crashes for me too.. I'm on windows 7 x64. I don't really know what's wrong. Also, my screen is only 1280x800 or so, so I couldn't play it full rez anyone.

matrin says ...

Doesn't work well on other resolutions, It doesn't seem to try to change it.

increpare says ...

I coudln't kill a single toy : (

the high-resolution-ness of it all was pleasingly disconcerting, though...

cptalbertwesker says ...

I loved the graphics, unfortunately the game was so hard, which was a terrible shame, still loved it anyway, the game was a little jittery at times, would be lovely with some music

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