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Age of Exploration

by wonderwhy-er - Competition Entry

Ok. Here is my entry.
Basically it is kind of casual space exploration game with one session lasting approximately 3 minutes.
In it you need to launch probes to explore near planets and then colonize them earning points in a process. You have 100 years or 3 minutes of time to colonize as much as you can. Good luck.

Used Flash CS4, Photoshop CS2, SFXR
Took me something like 12 hours of slow work ( :( dissatisfied with my performance and time I had)

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Comments (archive)

TenjouUtena says ...

I see what you're going for here. I would prefer more tactical possibilities. It also took me a long time to figure out what to do.. It would help if you highlighted the help more, or made it auto-change after 15 seconds on each slide or whatever. The sounds add a little, but the probe launch should have been shorter.

localcoder says ...

Nice idea, and it works well. It feels quite complete in the state that it's in.

At first, I thought I was meant to hit planets with my probes, but I worked it out eventually.

Although it's a fast game with a time limit, I didn't feel a sense of urgency and I had to keep reminding myself to move quickly instead of thinking carefully.

increpare says ...

I really liked this! Really really liked this! Honest!

Like it: nothing bad to say at all!

SonnyBone says ...


But seriously, you've created a nifty little game. With some work and polish, this could become very popular, I think. It would need tons more content, of course, but your basic idea is very addictive.

C418 says ...

It's a good game for what it is after 48 hours. It reminds me a bit of eufloria. It feels like an infinite game, although theres a time limit.

Wiering says ...

Nice game! I think it could be more fun if you could win more time by colonizing more planets.

Covenant says ...

Godo job there, nice concept... A bit more tactical choices would be nice, but it seems like a very nice place to start... :)

philomory says ...

This is a pretty fun little casual game, though on a laptop with a 'scroll zone' instead of a scroll wheel, zooming in and out was rather awkward. It'd be neat to see you take this to the level you discussed in your blog post, adding a Civ element to it.

As it stands, it reminds me of my favorite Homokaasu/GasGames game, Gravity:

Hempuli says ...

This was really interesting! I enjoyed the control scheme, though it seemed that my probes were able to leave the gravity field of my planet if I shot them at full power.

matrin says ...

It was fun, but over quickly. Would be an interesting game, with maybe a tech tree and some variations on probes.

Cosr says ...

Seems rather well polished, and pretty good over all. It is maybe a little shallow though.

pythong says ...

i don't know if it's really called that, but it reminds me of "Galcon", a game for iphone, which was also a LD entry before

Undead3 says ...

Nice gameplay with the gravity simulation.
It was hard to remember the high score.

ippa says ...

I like the basic game play, though some gfx polish could add to the mood. I want an alien specie to race against :P

Entar says ...

Interesting, but it seems like it needs more to it, like some goals or other mechanics. So far I was just sending probes around toward planets. Good potential here.

cptalbertwesker says ...

I really like the idea, didn't understand it at first, but loved it when I got the hang of it. Only gripe I had was once you've colonised about 8 planets I never had many more come into my view

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