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Adventure Quest

by TenjouUtena - Competition Entry

Here's Adventure Quest!

The game requires .NET Framework 3.5 and XNA Framework 3.1.

The game also requires Vertex Shader and Pixel Shader 2.0, so that might hang you up. If you have Vista Aero, you'll be fine.

A Help Screen comes up when you start the game. Press '1' to dismiss it.

The site for it is here:

I'll be writing up some more instructions and game theory at that site.

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Comments (archive)

Hempuli says ...

I have Pixel Shader 0.0, can't play. :(

Codexus says ...

Oh so confusing...

refrag says ...

Looks like such a great premise but there is far too much going on. I wasn't able to understand the game in a short enough time.

Frimkron says ...

A novel idea, and pretty graphics, but I didn't really "get" the gameplay. I think the idea is to look after the adventurers by making sure they're healed and upgrading their weapons. There also seems to be a mechanic to instruct adventurers which baddie to attack, though the sheer number of baddies to cycle through made this impractical. Maybe some tweaks to the UI such as some mouse controls would improve the playability :)

Hamumu says ...

I actually installed that stuff... now I'll have to go back and play the other one I couldn't. If this had gameplay, it'd be really cool. It seems like it's the right idea and I love leveling up, it's just that there's nothing for the player to do right now. At all. In fact, I'm still "playing" it right now as I type this! I hear baddies dying. I would definitely play a game that looked like this if it went somewhere.

Wiering says ...

It wouldn't run for me.

SonnyBone says ...

I still have no idea what the arrow buttons do. When you first load the game, you're bombarded by an info screen of DEATH that immediately turns you off to the experience. Cool idea, though. You should certainly keep working on it.

5parrowhawk says ...

Hamumu's got a point - the player here is mainly a healbot. I'd suggest three major improvements:
(1) A targeting cursor to indicate which baddie the adventurer is going after, and some feedback on the baddie's level and abilities.
(2) Improved targeting interface which is pausable and allows mouse control. With XNA you can implement mouse picking using Viewport.Project() and Viewport.Unproject().
(3) Rock/paper/scissors with the weapons - you know, like Fire Emblem - so that there's a compelling reason to decide on certain targets rather than others.

LoneStranger says ...

I hated this at first, but as I let it run by itself for awhile, I started to see some of the charm. As it is, it really isn't a fun game, but with some tweaks, I could see it be much more interesting. If you played up the exploration aspect (and maybe some collecting) instead of just the 'seek and destroy' then there would be an underlying goal as the guys kill the baddies. Perhaps a fog of war would give more of an impression of exploration. Anyway, like most entries, it needs work though the concept is an interesting one.

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