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LoneStranger's Explore

by LoneStranger - Competition Entry

A simple 'thing' since it's not a game. Use the arrow keys to navigate the ship. Hit 'm' to bring up the minimap. There are two versions, one for Java 5 and one for Java 6. No difference other than what was used to compile, but I know Mac people need the Java 5 version.

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Comments (archive)

Stoney says ...

I would like to see this game becoming a real game. Keep on working.
Java 6 version works great on Mac OS X Snow Leopard/MacBook Pro (as far as I know the Java 6 - version should work on any 64-bit Intel Mac, e.g. Core 2 Duo Macs)

doohan says ...

Would be cool if you could actually circumnavigate, and also if the minimap only showed you where you had actually been. Fits the theme very well though!

philomory says ...

Ok, so, not much of a game. However, of all the games I've judged so far, this is the first that takes the exploration theme completely seriously (as in, the player actually must map out an area they're exploring), extra points for that.

JackZack says ...

Clicking the compass was sure something to marvel at.

SonnyBone says ...

I agree. Keep working on this one.

matrin says ...

The idea is nice. Too bad.

localcoder says ...

Reminds me of sailing around with a trireme in Civilization.

The world is nice and big for exploring, and I could imagine this being a lot of fun if there were things to discover.

Hempuli says ...

Couldn't get it to run for some reason :O

dertom says ...

Yeah,...keep on working! It is nice...
@Hempuli: As you wasn't able to start my (java)game as well,I wonder if you have java installed!? :D

increpare says ...

getting lots of flickering here on XP.

TenjouUtena says ...

It is what it is, what can I say? :)

sirGustav says ...

Could not find the main class: Program will

[cache: storing page]