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towlr: EXPLR

by philhassey - Competition Entry

EXPLR the mighty CAVES OF TOWLR! Conquer the DRAGON! Defeat the EVIL SKULL! Get the CAKE! Be the legendary champion of TOWLR in EXPLR!!

If you haven't played a towlr game before - warm up with:

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gesangbaer says ...
Mar 6, 2013 @ 7:53am

This made more sense to me than any of the other towlr games. At least I can tell I'm impacting the environment.

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Comments (archive)

Hamumu says ...

You've managed to create a Towlr I don't even understand AFTER winning it. It is hard to rate a Towlr entry, especially when you don't know why you won or what purpose any of the game elements served.

refrag says ...

Needs more TOWLR.

Wiering says ...

Somehow I found the cake!

C418 says ...


matrin says ...

Didn't really get it (the cake that is).

Cosr says ...

Oh man. Something is happening...
And then everything went awesome.
It is so good. It honestly made me smile until it hurt.

ianh says ...

The "exploration of mechanics" metagame is interesting and could be expanded upon. A game with a huge and confusing set of rules, user interface elements, and winning conditions would have made an interesting LD16 entry. Something like "Calvinball, the video game".

Entar says ...

That was both retarded and oddly humorous at the same time. I found the cake. The gameplay was pretty lame though :p

dertom says ...

Hehe,...that is really a towlr-game! This is more popgame-art! :D

SonnyBone says ...

I found the dragon but never this supposed "CAKE".
I did hear beeps, though. So I guess I sort of won?

AtkinsSJ says ...

I think I might have broken it - I went really far down and right, and then the map kept moving about.
But yeah, I'm not much of a fan of towlrs. :|

Hempuli says ...

Couldn't figure it out. :(

Draknek says ...

I dislike this as a tolwr, because there's no process of slowly twisting your mind around what the game mechanics could possibly be. Instead it's just confusing and then you die and/or win: there's nothing really pushing you towards the solution.

5parrowhawk says ...

The original Towlr gave very clear feedback as to how each game element worked. All the information was there, and the interpretation was as straightforward as it could be without using text. This one is not like that, which is a shame. I found the dragon and the borders of the maze, but the exact function of the timer is still a mystery after dying many times, as is the method of defeating the dragon.

Risko says ...

I love it! It is true, that it hasn't spirit of towlr games, but it doesn't make it less fun. I just enjoyed this trippy experience, and i doesn't have much to blame(if anything). Maybe i will try to read the source to find out, if there was some kind of inner logic, or if just holding any keys long enough was the winning strategy ;)

Doches says ...

Is it possible for a TOWLR to be odd? As in, an odd TOWLR? Because this is it.

Also, how do you rate these things? It's too...ineffable to be assigned a mere numerical score; therefore, I present my alternative (and more accurate) ratings for EXPLR:

Innovation: licorice
Fun: atlantic cod
Theme: &
Audio: Sir Henry Codswallop
Humor: Orange
Overall: Gadus morhua
Community: Daring

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