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Tomb Explorer

by Frimkron - Competition Entry

Well I didn't have time to polish this at all. In fact I didn't finish replacing my placeholder graphics.

Locate all 16 treasures by exploring the egyptian tomb. Arrow keys to move and enter to bash walls with your pickaxe. Break open the seals and secret doors to gain access to all rooms.

If you get "assertion error", start the game again. It's a horrendous bug I didn't have time to fix.

Edit (2009-12-14):
Just realised I didn't include the source. I've uploaded a new zip with the source and taken out the .gal and .xcf files to save space. This version is otherwise unmodified.

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Comments (archive)

Hempuli says ...

I pressed enter in the main screen, and it crashed. It looks good, though.

SonnyBone says ...

Wow. This is a really nice foundation for something that could end up being really RAD. You should keep working on this. Adding enemies, audio, and other stuff (maybe a map that reveals itself as you explore?) would make it a really nice game. Good work!

nitram_cero says ...

Side by side error, couldn't run it :/

Jordan Magnuson says ...

I used to live in Egypt, and visited the ancient Egyptican tombs quite a few times, so I think this is sweet :). It looks like you've got a great engine foundation laid here for something that could be really cool: just polish up the engine a little bit, add some traps and stuff, and it'd be just like exploring back home :).

On the engine side, I was getting a fairly low framerate on my netbook (hovering around 14fps), so the game seemed to respond slowly, but that might not be a problem generally; this feeling was added to by the fact that the pc walked forward and stopped at every square: I think it would be nice if you could walk continuously without stopping, if holding down an arrow key. Also, line of sight seemed a bit odd, as sometimes I could only just *barely* see in front of myself, but then I'd come to an intersection, and the whole thing would light up from top to bottom.

Love the oldschool 2.5D vibe you've got going... reminds me of C-Dogs. Great work for a weekend!

pythong says ...

it annoyed me a bit that walking up and down took longer than walking sidewards, as it was 2.5D
still, nice entry

dertom says ...

Hehe,...nice!Somehow I had the feeling to control "Boulder Dash's father" that is looking for his diamond addicted son :D

sf17k says ...

this goes on forever, doesn't it??? I wish I could run like twice as fast (and smoother) since there's not much to look at.. it's a giant sewer level.

and the walls are made of cheese.

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