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by Undead3 - Competition Entry

Goal: discover all the energy sources.

The circle around you represents the detection zone.

Don't run out of energy! Two warnings will help you:
- the orange alert when less than 60 % of the energy is left,
- the red alert when less than 50 % of the energy is left.

Done with:
- Python
- pygame
- sfxr
- Audacity

Note: the multi-platform version (for OS/X and Linux) requires additional installations and might not be easy to run if you are not familiar with Python. Check the readme.txt file for the instructions.


Bug fixes:
- 10 minutes after deadline, very minor: the Windows shortcut to the executable was pointing nowhere (removed the shortcut)
- 19 minutes after deadline, minor: the help text above didn't change after the end of a game (fixed)
- 12 hours 1 minute after deadline, serious: wrong game difficulty if the screen resolution is different than 1280x1024 (scaled the game depending on resolution)
- 12 hours 1 minute after deadline, potentially serious: the one-pixel-wide energy gauge might not be displayed on a slightly wrongly set screen (gauge width set to 8 pixels)

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Comments (archive)

AtkinsSJ says ...

Interesting idea, and nice controls. But it's so hard to find the last source!

refrag says ...

Took some time to understand that my energy returned if I parked on an energy source. ... after reading what I just wrote I can't believe I stumbled with something so obvious.
Good stuff!

C418 says ...

The game works well. I didn't find the tenth planet though.

TenjouUtena says ...

There's really only one mechanic at play here. It's a start of what could be a good game, if finding the points lead to more poitns or somethign, but a very well polished entry.

PsySal says ...

Very cool, I like the game mechanic though it took some figuring out. The game could benefit a lot from a bit more of a learning curve, maybe even a tutorial mode. The basic gameplay mechanic though, once you puzzle it out, is super fun. I think it's very nicely balanced and it creates real tension when you have to wander so far away from an energy source. Especially the last few which will of course tend to be the farthest away, and by then you've got the most to lose. Some other ideas would be perhaps to show what areas have been explored (turn them grey or something once the detection circle passes over them) and then just some more graphical glitz. Cool idea!

SonnyBone says ...

I REALLY dig this. It's so friggin' simple, but it's close to being pure genius. I don't think you should really add too much to this, honestly. Sure, it needs SOMETHING, but this core mechanic is really addictive. I upped the game speed to x16 (nice addition, btw) and had a blast trying to clear stages in rapid succession. GREAT WORK!

matrin says ...

Very nice game. I did found the sounds a bit annoying though.

wonderwhy-er says ...

Heh pretty close to what I did. Hmm I think it little bit lacks some fog of war thing. Found only 9 planets even tough I was exploring map in rectangles so probably some liiitle place I missed contained the last one, and there is just no way to to find it now without doing it all over again hoping not not miss anything this time. There is clearly something wrong with that. Other then that good use of theme.

Hempuli says ...

This game's addicting!

NiallM says ...

This is a really neat idea, though it feels like it needs a little something extra to really flesh it out. Perhaps power-ups to increase the area of detection, single-use drones etc.

cptalbertwesker says ...

Took me a game to get used to it, but after that I loved it, best game I've played yet, some more sounds would have been nice, I like how the graphics are very simple but complement the game also.

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