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Authentic Space Exploration

by Hexane - Competition Entry

Worked on this all through the night. Didn't learn about this competition until late Saturday night.

Originally it was written for Firefox, however I quickly learned Firefox couldn't push the pixels I wanted (in a lazy fashion) so the game now only runs stable in Google Chrome.

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Comments (archive)

Stalker_23b says ...

Someone reached centauri? )

TenjouUtena says ...

I'm sorry, but very meh.

Ashera says ...

Nice concept. I left it going for a while and came back to buy speed upgrades. I wish you could buy more stuff by holding down the "buy" button.

Covenant says ...

Unplayable on my computer... :(

NiallM says ...

I like the idea, but it needs something more to keep the player engaged. As it is you're just looking at scrolling stars for ages and ages.

Also, it seemed to work fine in firefox for me?

matrin says ...

Had a few troubles in firefox: using the keyboard to control the ship also scrolled around my screen, and the controls felt unresponsive.

philomory says ...

This is a brilliant idea; I'm tempted to actually leave it running long enough to reach Centauri, but, this isn't my computer. Ah, well. The achievements are funny.

I'm betting the 4th achievement is reach Centauri, and the 5th, turn around and return to Earth? Just a guess.

(Edit: After playing with this some more, I realized, you've created the Desert Bus of Ludum Dare! Except if this were desert bus it would be mandatory to sit and press a button every once and a while or you'd have to start over.)

Wiering says ...

After 5 minutes I got an achievment, but I estimate it will take another 2,618.07 years to reach Centauri at this rate...

localcoder says ...

Wow, Chrome is much faster than Firefox...

It's interesting working towards a goal that is such a long way away... not exactly fun but an interesting feeling all the same.

[edit: actually I kept playing. Now I'm earning money than faster I can spend it (holding down enter on the buy button), but I'm sadly limited by the spaceship's ability to accelerate - there's nothing I can buy that will speed that up, so I'm still going to take forever to get anywhere.]

The starfield looks nice. And I'm having fun trying to maximise my income without wasting my probes too soon.

Um, I need to go rate another game now, but I might just leave this running on my other screen...

SonnyBone says ...

I think that requiring CHROME was a bit much. The achievements were fun.

Cosr says ...

Very...interesting? Yet simple. Not sure what else to say.
One note though, looking at the source code it appears as if the maximum speed is unbounded. So the ship could theoretically surpass the speed of light? (Though it would still take years to actually beat the game)

C418 says ...

Achievement unlocked! Wanting me to fly 32.something.something.something.something.something km!

Hempuli says ...

Couldn't get anything to happen.

5parrowhawk says ...

Didn't run for me (not going to install Chrome just for this - sorry), but I suspect the people who are complaining it's boring simply don't get the joke. Were you inspired by Terry Pratchett?

Tempest says ...

I, to my demise, love ROI-based games. I let the game run a couple hours. I earned 3 of the 5 achievements. I had about 1/2 trillion in my budget, 70 million meters from Earth, and my ship going 1000km per second.

Would have been good with various, accomplishable goals (Moon, Mars, etc).


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