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Scouting only!

by stRana - Competition Entry

The idea of the game came from Civilization, the game I like a lot. For me, the most fun part of the game is the initial phase of game where you have only black around you and whole map to explore, that's exciting! Not so much the end game where there are close borders and wars and a lot of units and all that. So I decided to make a game about exploration phase only. The goal is to explore whole map, search for bonus items and avoid evil barbarians.

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Comments (archive)

SonnyBone says ...

It's way easier to just run around like mad and uncover all of the tiles at once rather than moving slowly. That fact kind of breaks the game, I think.

The game is amusing, though.

ianh says ...

It is difficult to tell what is harmful and what is helpful. The "run around like mad" strategy does seem to dominate. I like the theme a lot, though!

Ashera says ...

My biggest problem with the graphics is that it's not immediately obvious what's what and there's no legend. It took me several plays to figure out. Still, it was a neat little game.

philomory says ...

Okay, so this time I was able to download the game, and I played it. Pretty fun, though there are a few complaints: the map could have used a bit more variety, but more importantly, the controls could use some tweaking. I found I would often jump forward two or three spaces when I was trying to move only one, which dumped me into mosquitoes who immediately killed me :p. So that could do with tweaking. Also, if the tigers had moved around, that'd be cool. Otherwise, I rather like this. I always loved the first part of Civ as well.

dertom says ...

Nice,...after I realized what symbol is good and what not...good job and keep on rocking

pythong says ...

as most of the others said, it would have been nice to have a legend at the side to see what's harmful and what not. i was killed by angry nomads because of that :(

matrin says ...

It was hard to tell what to pick up and what to avoid. The controls were also a bit too sensitive.

Sos says ...

Simple and fun :) And who needs a legend when you have sound. Also, run-around-like-mad is an ultimately good strategy

gimblll says ...

(It's the most fun part of Civilization for me too btw., I usually stop playing after that.) I had difficulty understanding what each of the tiles represented and the controls were really hard. I could complete it easiest just by running from wall to wall.

Hempuli says ...

I think you should materialize a possibility to eventually beat those enemies!

ippa says ...

decent idea etc, but could probably do good from more elements to the gameplay (not more stuff to pick up.
If you move slow enough so you don't walk into tigers and malaria is there a challenge? :)

sinoth says ...

The graphics remind me of Sim Life xD I think the concept has potential but isn't quite executed. For one, it feels odd combining turn-based exploration with realtime damage. If the bad stuff did bigger chunk of damage once when entering the square, you wouldn't have a "run really fast" strategy.

arzi says ...

I've actually though of the same idea too (making of game of Civ's exploration phase, which in my opinion is the best part of the game), but haven't landed on a solid concept yet.

I think the general concept works, but the symbols are not clear enough, so it's too easy to get killed by accident.

sirGustav says ...

good use of theme, but I basically ended up with holding the arrowkey down and traversing the entire area from top to bottom.

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