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by Ashera - Competition Entry

The game is in Flash. From the zip file, open index.html to play in your browser, or click the "Web" link to play it online.

NOTICE: I *finally* tracked down the bug that sometimes makes the red enemy square unclickable. Bugfix version available at

- Fixes bug where the upper-left turret is unclickable
- Fixes bug where sometimes the red enemy square is unclickable
- Fixes bug where on very high levels, the level never starts
- Turns off debug flag so turret layouts are randomized between 4 choices instead of 1
- Background music now loops

The game starts initially muted. Click "MUTE" in the upper-right to toggle sounds and music. (No button feedback, sorry.)

How to play:
Click and hold to charge up your projectile. Release to fire.
If you don't reveal a turret, you'll get a hint showing how far it is to the nearest hidden turret or the enemy.
Once a new turret has been revealed, you can switch the active turret by clicking on a turret.
Try to find the red enemy turret. Click on it to blow it up.

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Comments (archive)

jplur says ...

Ok this is addictive, great job and high marks. I got to 10700 and could keep going but I should vote on other entries ;)

BenHem says ...

Very smooth, great sound and elegant feel. I hate wasting a shot trying to click on a newly discovered turret, though (especially happens when it's only partially uncovered) -- but I guess that's just part of the learning curve. Nice clear concept and execution.

SonnyBone says ...

Wow. This is really cool. Some sound and a little extra polish would make this game PHENOMENAL. Keep working on this!

philomory says ...

This was an awesome first-time LD entry. I did find it frustratingly easy to run out of flares though, and at times it seemed basically impossible to get any turret to shoot far enough to reach where you knew another turret/the red one were hiding. Adding a 'zen mode' where there were no flare limits would have suited me a lot.

Also, for some reason, I could *never* switch to the turret in the upper left; whenever I clicked it, it would just make a my current guy fire. Somewhat frustrating.

Anyway, complaints aside, this was quite an original game that I liked quite a bit!

C418 says ...

Ah. Took me two tries to figure out the gameplay. I bet this could be a worthwile game with more time given.

Wiering says ...

It was nice, but clicking the red thing only works in the first level. In the second level, it would just make the current turret shoot.

TeamQuiggan says ...

This was really cool! Good job, I played it a couple times, the first time I didn't even use the hint bubbles.

matrin says ...

Very fun. The sound reminded me of a another game (lacewing).

DrPetter says ...

Wow. This expanded to a whole new level of cool when I realized you could fire two shots in succession and basically get a precise pinpoint of where the next target is located. Playing it makes me feel like a clever telemetry specialist in a very foggy war or something.
There are probably tons of nice expansions possible for this concept. I hope you try some. Stylish but minimal at the moment.
At 11000 I got a non-clickable enemy target.

AtkinsSJ says ...

Very original! It's fun trying to triangulate where things are. :D

Hempuli says ...

Very cool concept and addictive gameplay! Also a great use of the theme.

dock says ...

This was definitely a surprise. I could imagine this being developed further, especially if there were more goals and clues.

Undead3 says ...

The sound and the music are wonderful!

dertom says ...

Very good game...

Entar says ...

Interesting idea, but I find it odd that the gameplay only really takes place in the lower left corner of the screen. Can you move? If so, it's not clear. If not, the range is too small. Also, at one point it wouldn't let me click the red square when I found it.

Otherwise, cool idea and nice style. Good potential here.

increpare says ...

Great idea. I enjoyed this - it is a bit easy though, I think, and I didn't detect any difficulty increase from stage to stage?

sinoth says ...

Wow, wonderful entry. This is my favorite one with a sound-based mechanic. It works well.. I've been playing 30 minutes and still having fun :) If anything, I'd like more varied maps and maybe some weird terrain things, like stuff that reflects your sound or something. Great work!

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