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Tower Quest

by moltanem2000 - Competition Entry

move around 15 floors of the dreaded tower to get money and treasure chests!

everything works now! (i hope) enjoy the game!

Game Created with GameMaker7 pro edition
Audio created with my piano+audacity

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Comments (archive)

Diet Chugg says ...

I think some of the items are pretty cool.

SonnyBone says ...

The extras and unlockables are actually worth aiming for! Your game has actual replayability, which is tough for something like Ludum Dare. Good job! The song was great, too.

recursor says ...

That was fun. I like all the little extra stuff you threw in. I haven't obtained any of it, but I do plan to go "Backeth" and do so. Good job

TenjouUtena says ...

Sound was very fitting graphics were simple but presented a clear visual style. It was addictive to play

Covenant says ...

Got a "unexpected error starting game"... :(

Hempuli says ...

It was a bit sad that the rooms weren't random.

5parrowhawk says ...

Not sure it really appealed to me, but it does have decent mechanics and a nice progression hook. I wasn't too interested in continuing after reaching the level with the homing enemy - perhaps make it a bit slower?

sinoth says ...

Solid entry. I really didn't have much motivation to go up the tower again after I died though, especially since it isn't random.

sirGustav says ...

it appears that the game saves a new game every frame of the walk animation when I enter the save square

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