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Boboil's Adventure

by Blackduck - Competition Entry

BAM, Boboil's Adventure is done!

This is one of those games where you click "next day" and events happen for that day, and then the day ends, and repeat.

This game is made using Flash CS4 with Actionscript 2.0. The music is made using an electric piano and Audacity.

Instructions are provided in-game

Hope you enjoy my game

Update: You now have a lower chance of tripping making you lose gems, and when it happens, you lose less.

Link before update:

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Comments (archive)

philomory says ...

This game seems like it wasn't very fun, although it did have that odd quality some games have where you want to keep playing and playing even if you're not sure why, which ends up being kind of fun after you get into the flow of it. However, this game had one major balancing flaw which severely detracted from the fun by adding a huge frustration element for me, which was the tripping and dropping gems (usually all of them). This made it effectively impossible to accumulate any meaningful number of gold, amethyst or ruby gems, which meant that all but the lowest level of equipment was only accessible by long strings of very good luck. Ah, well. An interesting idea anyway. I would probably have kept playing for quite a lot longer without the tripping, though.

AtkinsSJ says ...

The combat was a bit empty - it never indicates what damage you're doing, and it's hard to see your own health on the dark background.

SonnyBone says ...

I agree that you trip too often, and I can never defeat any enemies. They always kill me first. There needs to be some visual cue of the damage you're dealing, and the game needs some balancing.

scellers says ...

I enjoyed playing this game, overall. :) Another thing I can point out is that buying the boboil diamond version of an item fills all the other items out: making amethyst, for example, kind of useless. Also yeah, there's a bug where when you defeat a monster, the monster just keeps popping up indefinitely. :/
Overall, though, I had fun playing this. :) Good work!

localcoder says ...

The falling is unpleasant, but I played the updated version through to the end.

There are some balance issues. I got enough boboil gems for the top items before I could afford the gold and amethyst items, and combat seemed very risky and slow and unrewarding compared to mining.

It was satisfying getting the upgrades though and I liked the amusing descriptions of the items. It's nice that the items appear on the character in the animation.

ianh says ...

I (bo)boiled? What does that even mean?

Anyway, I feel like there's no compelling reason for me to be playing. Why do I want to get these gems? To buy items? Why do I need these items? To acquire more gems?

matrin says ...

Had some bugs: couldn't see the your HP, couldn't see enemies HP,... Could use some more polish.

Entar says ...

What AtkinsSJ said. Otherwise the game feels kinda slow and repetitive, but it has some potential with some more polish.

Hempuli says ...

The idea is cool, but the game needs some polishing; also the slowness of the battle irked me a little.

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