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TextAge 2: The Rise of His Majesty

by madk - Competition Entry

TextAge2: The Rise of His Majesty

53 minutes before deadline:
- fixed an unintended inconsistency that made the game unwinnable under a certain circumstance
49 minutes to deadline
- fixed a sound bug that caused the 2 different musics to overlap when you started a new game

Play the game and become the King!

Ludum Dare ( #16 competition entry. All media and programming is by madk. Special thanks to all the people on live feed who helped me search out all the bugs!

- When looking someplace, almost everywhere has several possible responses. Many times, if you only choose one of these such options once, you won't get the response that is necessary to proceed with the game.
- Press tab to bring back up the last thing you entered as a command
- Press escape at any time to exit the game
- Many facets of the game are randomly determined. Play the game more than once; the story will be slightly different every time.
- Call the servant at the beginning and talk to her some. I spent way too much time making her respond halfway intelligently.
- I know ther's a slight gap when the music loops. It was unavoidable.

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Comments (archive)

dertom says ...

Hehe,...nice nice! I really was a big fan of the old c64-textadventure of "The Hobbit". Would be cool, if you had this effects were the pictures are drawn "realtime" and "real slow" :D But the graphics brought me back to that time...

Good job

SonnyBone says ...

Was that a Joker reference in a text adventure game?

I enjoyed the twists and turns here, but some of the text was hard to follow as it jumped up the page after a command.

C418 says ...

Hm, I think it's okay. I'm not a real sucker for text adventures. I don't think I'll rate it as I didn't play far.

Cosr says ...

That was very amusingly written. Takes maybe a few to many tries to find everything when searching.

Hamumu says ...

I couldn't get past the priest... I even went all the way back to see if the servant would give me what he needed, but either no, or I couldn't word it right (actually yes, but it doesn't count). I have to say that even once I understood the concept of how it would make you press enter and that the yellow line indicated it was actually command time, I still CONSTANTLY was typing ignored commands to my endless frustration. Some text adventure conventions would've been very nice, like the prompt meaning you can type things, and I for inventory, and the NESW movement. Nice artwork behind the text!

Hempuli says ...

I can guess that it's hard to make a proper parser-based text adventure in 48 hours!

ippa says ...

first about your comment: the area you got stuck in was about the only red herring I had in the game, it's not very hard to jump out of though. Give it another shot, go to the right in the beginning and find the way out from there, it will take 3 minutes of your life and I'll promise to put a smile on your face in the end :).

Onto your game: I liked the pixely gfx, the whole setup reminded me of early kings quest but without the animated character. I haven't played many text-based games, and that might be the reason I didn't get very far. I tried asking the servant for various things, a key and crown being the first ones :).. but he didn't seem to understand anything I said. I would love some tips there, is it "give me the key", "get key" or just "key" or any other combination.. nothing seemed to work. While the gfx was nice I got really hard to read on certain backgrounds, maybe putting it in a black box at the bottom would have helped with that. Or even better, in a full-length black box at the right side.

I really wished I could have gotten further on this one since it seemed like you put some serious work into it.

cptalbertwesker says ...

Nothing beats a text adventure, had some problems getting through the door at the start it wouldn't recognise my commands. But what you've made considering its size is remarkable in 48 hours

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