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by retrogamer500 - Competition Entry

Well, what is there to be said... Lost? can pretty much be summarized as a cross between Knytt Stories and Metroid. Actually, it took inspiration from both. You play as an unnamed character as you try to find your way out of your predicament from, well, being lost.

The controls are simple. Use the arrow keys to move around and 'Z' to jump. To save, just climb on top of a yellow save pad and press down.

Please, if you want the window to be bigger, just press F4. Don't strain your eyes. You need those.

If the game crashes for anyone (as far as I know it has only happened once, this is no widespread problem), then tell me the circumstances so I can fix it as the rules say we can fix bugs preventing people from beating the game.

Hint: For those of you trying to ascend the Flower Room (you will know what it is when you get there), make sure you save at the save point to the right (in the same room you started in) after you climb up. Or not, if you want to make the game much harder for yourself.

Edit: I wasn't aware the source was required. I've included it now. In order to play properly, it needs all the data files included in the Windows download, so make sure you've downloaded that first.

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Comments (archive)

dertom says ...

Yeah...I liked the game! Actually you have the gameplay I would like to have in mine as well as we both made something like a plattformer. Good work!

SonnyBone says ...

I thought the red things were goodies and they shot me.

Nice sound effects and music!

hubol says ...

A bit slow, until I found the one upgrade. Just an explorer, I guess. Ladders were a bit annoying also, but that's not what this is being judged on.

Hamumu says ...

This is tons like mine! I really hated the ladders and how jumping off of them worked, but otherwise it was really cool. Well, the thing that actually made me quit (right about where you first meet guys that jump up in the air) was how you die and have to climb your way back up and all. Which my game also had, but it didn't have super slow ladders on the way!

I really liked it though. Maybe next time some pixel-doubling so it's not a tiny little 2-inch window on my screen?

TenjouUtena says ...

Great fun! I wish the game window was bigger.. it kinda started to strain my eyes after a bit.. Sounds were great, music was awesome.. controls were responsive. The sound was a little loud when I started the game up. The jump puzzles scaled nicely... weren't too finicky. The save points are generous and well located.

nitram_cero says ...

The music is awesome: makes a good ambient.
The stairs are tedious and hard to jump out of them.

I think it would be better to at least keep all your items after you die so you don't have to do everything again. A better choice could be continuing from the start of the screen.

Oh, I missed on that "save and press down thing" heheh, never mind (perhaps it should do so automatically)


C418 says ...

Rock solid game.

Maple says ...

I played all the way through. Gun game.

jplur says ...

I had to force quit the exe for some reason.

Entar says ...

Fun idea and such, except the movement (especially on ladders!) was a pain. Got frustrated when it took 10 tries to get past one little part, then I died and had to go back to that part :(

philomory says ...

Lost?'s Metroid heritage is fully evident here, and, since I absolutely adore Metroid in all it's incarnations, I can't help but enjoy Lost?. The music is my favorite, it's spot-on for the genre, works very well. The graphics are decent but could use some more variety to keep them interesting. My major complaint, however, is that this is a game desperately in need of a health meter. Having no gun, and dying any time you bump into anything at all, is a major downer. The other complaint I have, is that given the ubiquity of ladders in Lost?, there needs to be a method to get off of them (and from one to another) other than the 'fall off at high speeds' method that the jump button currently achieves.

With a little tweaking and polishing, I can see this being a really excellent game.

Sos says ...

This is one hard game... But it's fun, so i guess i can take my time to finish it.

pythong says ...

nice one, hardly anything to complain about!

Hempuli says ...

Kinda slow-paced but fun otherwise. I can hear some similarity to Metroid in the musics! ;)

sinoth says ...

Fun but the controls are too 'loose'. They really need to be tight for a game that is focused solely on being able to maneuver properly. A few more save points would make this more tolerable.

sf17k says ...

nintendo hard! I didn't expect much at first but the end got really fun!

Doches says ...

Evilishly difficult, but gloriously cool. So much fun/frustration packed into such a tiny space. _Perfect_ music, too!

increpare says ...

I got killed by the falling spikes, didn't have the will to do all of the jumping/laddery bits again

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