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Planetary Explorer

by Selkie - Competition Entry

Well :D
Here's my game for LD#16 with theme Exploration. Its name is Planetary Explorer, so you can understand that it's about space travels and exploring. You're right!

It's made with Game Maker 6.1 Pro and converted to make it compatible with Vista and Win7. Sadly it's not compatible with Linux or Mac, even under Wine. Other tools used:
Graphics: MS Paint and Gimp
Music: Anvil Studio

It only has one level, with two parts:
I: Travelling to the planet with your ship, destroying enemies and avoiding bullets.
II: Once in the planet, finding three diamonds and returning to the ship.

I also made some songs for the game.

Hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it.
See you in next LD!

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Comments (archive)

Hamumu says ...

A remarkably small window... maybe look into pixel-doubling if you can! Pretty fun. The space-flying part was way too fast to really control. I was basically only dodging, there was definitely no way to kill all or even most of the enemies, which felt more frustrating than pleasant, even though it's not required to kill them. I liked the planet exploring part (which is the part that actually fit the theme anyway!) much better.

Not sure I REALLY needed an "Are you sure?" when I clicked start!

SonnyBone says ...

I appreciate the fact that you have 2 distinct gameplay styles. The lack of sound effects really hurts the flying part, though.

nitram_cero says ...

It's good you used two different game modes.
I think the ship control speed could benefit from some tweaking... I find it hard to dodge bullets because it moves too fast!

Hempuli says ...

it was quite hard to aim at the enemies because the ship moved so fast. There should be more levels! :)

dertom says ...

First of all I liked the music and both of your games. As the others already said the first part was a bit too fast. I think as it seems you had enough time for building two games you could have one really great one...but nevertheless very good work! Keep on rocking...

5parrowhawk says ...

For what it's worth, I'm going to go out on a limb and say you probably shouldn't have done 2 separate games. The shooting portion was definitely a lot weaker than the exploring portion - the controls are too "squishy" because the ship doesn't brake or accelerate fast enough, its maximum speed is too high, and it has different movement speeds in the vertical and horizontal axes. The inclusion of a high score table is also a little odd and doesn't fit the exploration concept. Better to enhance the exploration gameplay - possibly with enemies or some puzzles to solve - as I thought that was a lot more interesting and fun than the shooting.

sinoth says ...

Both ideas felt a little half-baked. Kudos for being able to program both of them, though! I hope your next entry is able to focus more and get some polish.

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