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Do you see it? I saw it

by cptalbertwesker - Competition Entry

You take control of a youth, while boasting to his friends one day decides he will set out and find the elusive uberbug, by searching every nook and cranny for insects.

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Comments (archive)

Stalker_23b says ...

Game is good, sadly i didnt find the uberbug )

SonnyBone says ...

I loved the sound effects!

Hempuli says ...

Nice use of the theme here!

gimblll says ...

Had the potential to be a fun game, but the technical implementation leaves it a bit weak. I was constantly getting stuck everywhere and eventually ended in a room in the house from where I couldn't get out. Funny sound effects and lots of bugs to find.

ippa says ...

Good entry.. fun voices and playful gfx. I played through all rooms, without finding the uberbug though. In the last room (the big to the left) something went wrong and the game started lagging as hell.

About the collision detection. Instead of having a collision rectangle around the whole player-image (as I assume you had now) go for a smaller rectangle at the players feet, both smaller in width and height. I think that will make for a more pleasant moving-around-exploring-experience.

5parrowhawk says ...

Found the uberbug. I think this is a bit stronger than your average treasure-hunting sort of gameplay because the objects in the game pretty much give you a very strong hint of what kind of bug you can expect to find. I wasn't expecting something very interesting but was pleasantly surprised.

Catmoo says ...

Collision is a little funny but I'm sure you know that, the sounds fit it rather well as well. A nice little game of hide and seek :D

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