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by MoltenMustafa - Competition Entry

You are a newborn alien on a tiny planet. That's pretty much all you need to know, have fun exploring! Made with MMF2, source included.

Saving wasn't included, mainly because I'm still kinda new to MMF2, so I couldn't really think of any reasonable way to record the data. The game is pretty short though, so I don't think anybody should have a problem with it.

Also, fun fact, this game uses 200+ objects, most of them being tiles. I kinda went overboard with the tile variation, haha.

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Comments (archive)

SonnyBone says ...

This reminded me SO MUCH of playing Gameboy as a kid... in the back seat of the car on the way to town.

madk says ...

I adore the graphic style, and the level design. The game is fun, but it's far too short for my liking. Could have used some enemies or something for a bit of a challenge. Overall, definitely my favorite entry I've played at this point.

TenjouUtena says ...

Technically accomplished, but not really compelling. The real challenge seems to be 'how long will you play'. I see what you were going for, but.. Also, the colors clash a lot, and it's very distracting. There's places you can go to pick colors that aren't clashy like that.

C418 says ...

I like the looks. But I was a bit bored by flying around looking for little bits of something.

Frimkron says ...

The care that has gone into the level design makes the game a joy to explore, and the the funky colours and retro pixels are very appealing :)

Maple says ...

I like. The graphics were awesome too. Kinda reminded me of MadHouse, somehow.

gimblll says ...

Graphics were nice, fun to look at. I could've used some more things to do. And a minor point, in readme.txt you say that you got the ambience sound from some website when technically we are supposed to make all sound ourselves. (not that I care, just thought I'd let you know)

AtkinsSJ says ...

Got to the purple bit and couldn't seem to get past it... Also, yeah, you really shouldn't have used sound from a website - everything should be made by you during the contest.

Wiering says ...

This game tries to set my monitor to an unsupported fullscreen mode. I was able to play it after pressing Alt+Enter.

Nice game, but I quit somewhere in level 2, don't really like invisible mazes. Good job for 48 hours.

Hempuli says ...

Beat it! Really cool, not too easy but not too hard either.

dertom says ...

Very cool game! Loved it

Draknek says ...

Would be nice to have something more than a sound effect as reward for finding all the collectables.

Shame that the background audio wasn't made by you, but I'm not sure it fitted the game amazingly anyway. Some slightly different music/ambient noises for each section of the level would have really worked well together with the drastically different colour schemes. But that would probably be too much work to do in 48 hours.

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