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The Wooden Fleet

by weasel - Competition Entry

Your wooden spaceship can't help but crash on every nearby world! Put the pieces back together and rescue your crew.

Ran out of time -- unbalanced and not quite fun. :)

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Comments (archive)

Wiering says ...

It might be fun if it went a whole lot faster. Also being able to go diagonally would help.

philomory says ...

This had potential, but the interface is really awkward; not so much the using the arrow keys, that's fairly obvious, but even after picking up engine parts you move *so SO slow*, it's agonizing. Also, I was entirely unclear on how the boats you build are supposed to help. They pick up crew members for you faster than you can do it on your own, but they never seemed to return; I had to chase the boat down to get the crew back, which ended up taking longer than picking them up myself in the first place.

Still, an interesting idea, even with flawed execution.

localcoder says ...

Wow, it's sad that you didn't finish because this looks very interesting.

I like the intro sequence that zooms into the starfield.

As Wiering and phil already said, movement is painfully slow (especially without diagonals) and the ships don't quite seem useful. But I love the idea of putting my wooden space ship back together and cruising back into space.

(I assume you can win by getting three engine parts? I only ever found one.)

matrin says ...

the idea is there, but not much else.

dertom says ...

Yeah,...I actually sailed and sailed. But I was not sure when this would went or when it is finished. Nevertheless the theme was hit....keep on rocking

SonnyBone says ...

I agree... way too slow to be enjoyable. Boost the speed up a bit (don't make it TOO fast) and keep working on it. You have a decent idea here. Good job on the theme, though.

Hamumu says ...

Yeah.... too slow to be any fun at all, no diagonals hurts the brain. I think this is one that just got cut off before it hit the point of fun. It seems like it could get there with another day because it's certainly unique and different.

Hempuli says ...

Quite much what other people have said; it's very slow.

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