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by Noel - Competition Entry

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SonnyBone says ...

I dig the minimalist art style!

philomory says ...

This game is actually pretty cool, I liked the gameplay and the whole thing worked very well. Sound would have helped immeasurably. That, and it's a little short, are my only complaints.

Entar says ...

Good style, but it was a little hard to tell what was hurting me until I figured out that the lighter, harder to see spikes hurt me, and the darker, more visible ones don't. Could definitely use sound.

KungPhoo says ...

I fell and stuck in the wall :(
Also, you have "Z" for jumping, which is very annoying on a qwertZ keyboard. The idea with a boss was nice, though.

dertom says ...

Hey dude, i loved your game! It was really fun. Savepoints would have been fine...nevertheless good work. keep on rocking

hubol says ...

Cool! Nice graphics! Really had no idea what I was doing though... You could use a little sound there, not bad midis, but some sound.

Hempuli says ...

I got stuck quite quickly when I entered a room. Nice graphics and otherwise solid gameplay!

increpare says ...

Didn't quite manage to finish it. I kept on accidentally running into spikes. I also initially thought that I had to kill all the robots as instructed, but they kept on respawning, so...

worked quite well I thought?

hazman says ...

Anything that looks like a Game Boy game is OK by me

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