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Asteroid Explorer

by Akunate - Competition Entry

The game is to explore the asteroid field your in and not crash your ship into the asteroids

keys are:
up: move up
down: move down
right: move right
left: move left
p: restart game

made with C++ and SDL using Code::Blocks and GIMP

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Comments (archive)

SonnyBone says ...

There isn't very much going on. Is there a goal?

madk says ...

I commend you on making an entry, but surely you could have done much more that this in 48 hours..?

crackerblocks says ...

well everyone's gotta start somewhere.

localcoder says ...

Congratulations on your first LD!

When I started playing, I didn't notice the 'metres explored' counter at the top, and I was going to say it's annoying that you don't know how much progress you've made. But now I've noticed the counter so I see that you already thought of that.

Right now, the asteroids appear inside the screen so I can see them appearing - if they appeared just off the edge of the screen instead, it would create the illusion that they were always there.

There isn't much to the game so far but I could imagine you adding a reward system (maybe something happens after you explore a certain amount?) or more things to do to keep it interesting for longer.

I hope you had a good time and will come back for the next ludum dare.

C418 says ...

Thats a start.

Hempuli says ...

What C418 said. ;)

TenjouUtena says ...

This work functionally as promised. I hope to see you again in April.

hubol says ...

Not too original there buddy... But because I cannot bring myself to rating others' games lower than 3, I will give you a 3.

Cosr says ...

Reasonable for a first attempt. Don't stop now.

Hamumu says ...

Well, I got 6381 meters. I'm gonna call that a win. Really minimal, but it does work right.

dock says ...

Congratulations on getting this done, but unfortunately there isn't enough to do.

dertom says ...

Is there a goal?I flew a bit around just to find out the collisiondetection is not on pixel-basis :D

ippa says ...

paintbrush gfx ftw :)

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