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Shoot For The Stars

by Diet Chugg - Competition Entry

Help Reddin Caper Explore to the moon by shooting for the stars in three funky levels.

Menu System:
d-pad: up down to change choice
space: pick a level
In Game:
d-pad: move left or right
space key: mid air jump if you have the super cape

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Comments (archive)

SonnyBone says ...

I like the concept, but it could stand to be more forgiving. Falling from the very top is a saddening experience.

philomory says ...

The game is pretty fun in it's way, but the controls feel extremely awkward. I did love the music, though.

Covenant says ...

Couldn't run it, got a "Unexpected error running game."

TenjouUtena says ...

Audio is kickin' here. Everything else is kind of meh. It's a good complete game. The music is awesome, though.

TeamQuiggan says ...

I like the idea of 'non' platforms, but I had too hard of a time progressing!

Hempuli says ...

It was addicting! I enjoyed the first level totally.

Zecks says ...

the game's so quirky it owns

localcoder says ...

Wow, too hard for me. The first row of blue stars is tough, and it just gets tougher. I got up to the orange sky.

It's nice to stand on stars instead of collecting them for a change.

ippa says ...

slightly too hard.. I think you suck gamers in better if it's easy in the beginning and they can feel skilled :P. Cool concept, of all the ratings the highest went to Innovation.

sirGustav says ...

that is one irritating tune :)

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