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by QOGQOG - Competition Entry

I made this in a few hours using Game Maker 7.

Explore the cave and try to find the ten different endings. Press enter to start again once you've found one.

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Comments (archive)

philomory says ...

First, I have to say, the graphics and sound here really killed me. They were cute at first, but both were headache inducing after a few minutes.

That out of the way, this game was actually fairly enjoyable. I liked finding the different endings, although I could only manage 8 of the 10 advertised.

C418 says ...

Simple, short, fun! I enjoyed playing through this game.

jplur says ...

short and sweet, would have been nice with a counter to keep track of endings you've seen.

hubol says ...

I really like this. I find the graphics really nice. Couldn't hear any music, perhaps it is this computer, as it tends to do strange things with sounds in GM games. The exploration is pretty neat in this and I like the sort of hidden goal of finding all of the endings. A simple chiptune or something would complete this.

PsySal says ...

Awesome, I really enjoyed this one. The system of endings are funny, the size and complexity of the game really works for me (any bigger and I'd start to feel frustrated; as it was, I was happy to jump into spikes just to see what ending I got.) It would be fun to have it collect what endings you had found, and although that starts to sound like the dreaded achievements system I think that it would make sense for a game like this. Really cute, simple, and cool. I didn't mind the graphics, though it made me seem like I should be wearing 3D goggles or something =)

SonnyBone says ...

Wow. I loved the little ENDING screens. Made me want to explore the deaths. I FOUND TRUE LOVE! lol
Fun game.

Undead3 says ...

Very nice graphics, fun gameplay, comfortable size, humor. Maybe a counter for the endings would have helped.
Great game!

Wiering says ...

Never seen a game with so many different endings!

increpare says ...

I enjoyed that. Liked the graphics/sound. Getting killed was fun. Almost didn't bother to find true love.

madk says ...

I found the ending 'boredom' by forgetting to close the window when I was done. Excellent game!

sinoth says ...

I like the graphics.. very neat color shifting, it had me reaching for my red/blue 3D glasses :P The movement felt responsive, which helps a ton in making the game replayable. A counter for the number of endings would have been nice. Overall a solid entry, the length is juust right.

cptalbertwesker says ...

I didn't think I would but I actually loved this game, the humor of it was awesome, I loved all the different endings, great stuff!

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