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by Fiona - Competition Entry

Scavenger is a space exploration game.
It is set in a large debris field.
Explore, fly, find, sell and have fun.

This game was written in Python using Pygame and Pygame-fenix. The graphics were drawn in Graphics Gale. The music and SFX were made in Propellerhead's Record.

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Camashu says ...
Oct 3, 2011 @ 2:19am

Um hey! I'm on linux, and not to sound like a complete idiot here- though i might be! xD -how do you play the game from the source codes?! HELP THE FOOL!

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Comments (archive)

C418 says ...

Brilliant. Shame I couldn't get the Spacestation into my little space ship :(

eli says ...

The lonely, introspective feel is really great. Artwork is excellent, the music is cute. However, the back-and-forth mechanic was a bit tiresome for me. Overall effort: 5 stars at least.

SonnyBone says ...

This game looks REALLY NICE in motion. The pictures don't do it justice. The game is very relaxing, which is what I think of when I hear: EXPLORATION. Everything works well together. For a 48 hour game this is incredibly polished, as others have said. NICE!

refrag says ...

Beautiful. A simple premise, beautifully executed. Well done!

madk says ...

Good and well-executed concept, and it's a relaxing game. However, more variation of gameplay would be nice. I got bored of just riding around and absorbing debris after a short while; some sort of enemies would be a good addition.

Codexus says ...

Nice little game with a good ambiance soundtrack. I would have appreciated the option to play in windowed mode, playing low-res games on a 30" monitor isn't too great. (with distorted aspect ratio too due a nvidia bug :/)

TenjouUtena says ...

Great game! Full of fun stuff to do, fun places to go! Great to play, will probably pick it back up after the compo.

ExciteMike says ...

I love the atmosphere! I played for a long time before I got down to the enemies. Form some of the other comments it sounds like many never made it that far. Two biggest problems: 1. Hold meter catches up too slowly, it looks like I still have room when I filled it, it just doesn't show it yet. 2. The enemies were killing me before I even got to see what was shooting at me, and it's really not easy to dodge so that's where I stopped.

Arne says ...

I like this. I think I'm going to write a clone, if that's ok.

localcoder says ...

A couple of things almost stopped me getting into this game. First, I pressed escape to get out of the inventory screen and the game quit.

Then on my second attempt, I collected junk because that's what I thought you were meant to do, and when I sold it and got no money I thought the game was bugged.

But once I worked out what was going on, I really enjoyed the game. I love the creative items, both the funny ones and others that suggest the story of the destroyed fleet.

The variety keeps the game interesting and I wanted to keep exploring to find bigger and better treasures. The surprise hostilities at the end were great too. The only disappointing thing is that there is no ending, so once I had all the upgrades I was left with no reason to use them.

recursor says ...

Wow. This game has an impressive amount of polish for a 48 hour creation, and it is quite fun. This is one of my favorites so far. I hope you do even more with it.

Cosr says ...

A fun game, and really rather great all around. The meters take a little to long to fill or empty to their actual level, and it would be nice to have some indicator as to whether something will fit in your hold before trying to pull it in.

Undead3 says ...

Very impressive!
Note: without the other comments I would have missed 90% of the game (during the first session I found only junk and didn't understand why there was no money after selling; maybe there was a "this junk is worthless" message at the bottom of the screen but I didn't see it).
I wonder if the direction of the wormhole should be more obvious (instead of revealed only when clicking on junk); not sure.
The escape key surprised me (even if I knew I was taking a risk).

sinoth says ...

Great game! As others have mentioned, very relaxing. Amazing what a little music does for the experience. I did feel a bit disappointed at the end when I realized I had fully upgraded my ship and couldn't do anything further with it. I wish there was at least one more goal after pimping out your ship. Still, good entry :)

Hempuli says ...

This was sure my favourite among all the games! Even though all the items had only one function, it felt like you were constantly finding new, interesting stuff. I also couldn't help but smile when I encountered my first mine!
The space looks wonderful, but the sprites need a bit of work. Also, sometimes, when I abducted an item, another one teleported right next to me.
This game sure has potential! Add a story that is revealed through certain items, add special functions for some of the items and you've got a winner of the internet!

Draknek says ...

Concept is good, but the gameplay is too slow for me. I never saw any of the interesting stuff that people are talking about.

sf17k says ...

the lack of a resolution leaves me feeling empty. but, amazing graphics. the game feels like a week's worth of work. played this for a long time to check out all the stuff.

Doches says ...

So surprisingly complete! The exploration idea seeps in every pore, dripping with goodness -- and that music is spot-on. I question your choice of friction-in-space, but that's really a nitpick...

sirGustav says ...

I would like the ability to see how much a certain item would take up in my hold, a warning that I might bump into stuff and the ability to reverse that tractor-beam.

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