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Legacy of HYDON

by Arne - Competition Entry

EDIT: Server is back up.


I wish that I have had even one or two more hours to work on the actual game, it would've meant a lot. Many of the improvements I could have made were trivial.


Esc to quit.

WASD to move.

There is no sound.

The game will quit if you win or lose (collect lots of treasure (which also heals you btw.)). The title screen is more of a non-interactive splash screen really.

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Comments (archive)

Stalker_23b says ...

Can't download!

philomory says ...

Ok, so, yes, you clearly spent too much time on the graphics. It shows. The game suffers. But... the graphics are *gorgeous*. Easily the best graphics I've seen so far for LD16. Would have been even better with animation, but even without it's still 5 stars.

SonnyBone says ...

We all know the visuals are superb. With some animation, sound, AI, and an improved battle system, this game would be KILLER. Please keep working on this.

TenjouUtena says ...

Very pretty, obviously! But the art is great. Kinda too bad about the game, if there was even a little more there, I'd play for a while just to enjoy the art.

jplur says ...

Love your artwork. I can forgive the lack of features, but I can't forgive having to mash the move buttons ;)
Hope to see this game project continued!

C418 says ...

Visually, amazing. Gameplay, although flawed, still enjoyable I think.

Hamumu says ...

Interesting... I ran around with -60 HP for a long time.

So yeah, awesome artwork, although I was tempted to not 5 it just because there's no animation. Not tempted enough, though. Other than the art, painful gameplay. Maybe make 2 or 3 monster types and less terrain variety next time so you have time to make a game to play! Tapping the keys was pure murder.

AtkinsSJ says ...

Nothing original to say... just I really hope you continue working on this!

samel says ...

Same problem, windows - dead, osx - dead

Entar says ...

Did one of those puny guys just hit me for 9HP suddenly? :( Cool art.

Cosr says ...

Wonderful artwork. And the game definitely has potential.
It's very difficult as well, though this is not necessarily a bad thing. A few times I couldn't help but wish I could wait and let the enemies move without moving myself.

Risko says ...

same remarks as by others ... i was looking forward to this game in the time of competition, because i just loved the tiles you have painted. But beeing prepared from other coments, that it don't have any gameplay i was having fun by just tapping 'w' and looking through the world on various monsters and on the landscape.

DrPetter says ...

Oh dear. My left hand was not made for tapping like that. Started cramping up after just a minute or two. It was exciting getting chased out of a castle by some nasty horde of black knights with just a single hp left. I barely escaped but ended up running into a pack of pink eggplants that cut me down.
I actually didn't realize that this perspective would allow you to only draw two views of each frame and then flip to get the others. That's like 33% better than an orthogonal zelda view. I guess handedness gets messed up, but who cares?
Oh, your gfx get 5/5 of course. Try nailing the fun factor next time maybe (although I won't hold it against you if we just get more art)

dertom says ...

Cool,....really really good work! Keep your hand on it...and of course: Keep on rocking... :D

Undead3 says ...

Impressive graphics, and feeling of a lot of content (almost too much space to explore with the keyboard, though). The controls would be less painful if the W key could auto-repeat, for example. I couldn't die either, negative HP sometimes (but it was not a serious problem).

Hempuli says ...

Lost to the first enemy I met! x)
Lovely graphics.

Atomic says ...

Very good isometric graphics and I love the enemies!
I couldn't really bring myself to finish it, the controls are far too annoying. Maybe you should have made the arrows walk a a fixed side instead of turning (and holding them pressed would keep you walking). Sound would also make a difference.

5parrowhawk says ...

Everything I want to say about art has already been said. As for gameplay, it would be better to have a few monsters or classes of monsters with unique gameplay abilities, rather than a large number whose only distinguishing attributes are power and speed.

matrin says ...

Very nice graphics, game mechanics are tiring.

increpare says ...

once I learned the valour of running away I began to make considerable progress! (I actually did manage to have some fun : ) )

also: tapping made hand sore

arzi says ...

The art was spectacular, but it seemed the game really wasn't there. With small improvements could have been really good.

Doches says ...

The mechanics here are incredibly underwhelming, and the whole thing feels unfinished and incredibly raw, but...

Oh. My. God. Those graphics are amazing. I mean, just amazing. I wish I had something constructive to say here, but I don't -- other than "make a game, properly, with this art, and it will KILL."

Oh. My. God.

Wiering says ...

Nice graphics, I would have liked to see a timelapse video for this entry.

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