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by Risko - Competition Entry

Platformer about exploration of person's mind, memories and pains.
Created in Flixel with use of Flan for level 'painting' and + allegro sprite editor for sprites and animations.
Controls: Just arrow keys

Note: Windows version is just a downloadable swf. Same one as uploaded in section web on some free swf uploading service. Hope that they will last there, I will try to get some better hosting later.

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Comments (archive)

jplur says ...

You really hit the 'exploration' theme on the mark

SonnyBone says ...

MY GOD. The man's head on the baby's body...


recursor says ...

Strange ... very strange.

C418 says ...

It's interesting how you have a very simple platformer, but still can grab our attention

Hempuli says ...

THis was trippy... I wonder if you can "beat" the game, or does it end when you get to a dead end it shows the dead end text?

matrin says ...

Interesting experience, but It didn't really attract me.

hubol says ...

Oooh yes! A very strange game indeed! I love these sort of things! Some sort of weird ambient sound would put the cherry on top.

Game of the day.

Jordan Magnuson says ...

Fantastic idea Risko, and I like your basic execution (color everywhere, clashing, seeping, text, pixeled images...). Made me think of Sanitarium (one of my favorite games), just because of the theme, even though its a completely different execution. I don't know if there's much to add here... as someone mentioned, some trippy music might be nice. I felt a bit stuck after I transformed into the "small person" and wasn't able to jump as high anymore, but I suppose that's all part of the point... in fact, now that I think about it, more transformations and interactions might make the game more engrossing, and add a bit more depth. Overall, great weekend game.

pythong says ...

i get a psychadelic feeling with this one. nice!

uh, i became a kiddo.

nitram_cero says ...

Wow, this is awesome. Congratulations.

Entar says ...

Bizarre, but interesting. I liked the "OR NOT" part :P

gimblll says ...

Nice use of the theme. I explored different pathways and eventually got to "my son" and the dead end text, I guess that was it? I felt that I didn't have much choises to do gameplay wise.

TenjouUtena says ...

I liked the platforming, it caused you to really look at what was around. I didn't feel like the experience was.. immersive enough to keep me playing to get to the goal. There was something here, but I wasn't grabbed by it.

Draknek says ...

I have no idea what just happened, and that's the way it should probably stay.

I managed to get stuck as the exploding-head on adult body somewhere around the left side of the level, I think near the place you turn into a baby. I fell down a hole and then at the bottom there was a one-tile high gap I couldn't get through.

ippa says ...

Hmm :D .. the changing faces/bodies/terrain-texts keeps it interesting, and the odd terrain is cool. I like entries which stick out :).. I ended up with the manbody + a changing mashed face of some kind. Was there an "ending"?

sinoth says ...

A bizarre experience. Great job :) The game is begging for some atmospheric music.

Doches says ...

A visual mindfuck just begging for some surrealist ambient music!

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