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by JackZack - Competition Entry

A mystery adventure game taking place of a vast desolate snow scape. All in a console app.!

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philomory says ...

The game concept here is interesting. I collected some rocks, then found the scrawled note in the house. Immediately the game got more eerie, which is always good. Then I wandered around some more, found the giant eye, got told to bring him 59 stones. But I knew better! Explored some more, found a pyramid, and was told I had earned my freedom at the cost of my life... so I'm a little confused, I must admit. But it was kinda fun nonetheless.

SonnyBone says ...

WOW. I didn't expect this to end up being so interesting. The story is VERY slim, but it packs a nice punch. GREAT USE OF THEME.

TenjouUtena says ...

The jitter of the console window really put me off this otherwise functional exploration game. I wouldn't have known to go in the house or the pyramid without different visual clues if I hadn't read the thread here.

localcoder says ...

I enjoyed this. I liked the theme and your ideas about exploration - the game packs a lot of meaning into very simple mechanics.

One annoyance: it was frustrating the first time I played because I had too many rocks by the time I found out the required number. Which left me doomed...

dock says ...

I was really impressed with the story of this, and even the graphics are very nice in a weird ASCII sort of way. It was a shame that the console graphics flash between moves. It made it fairly unpleasant to walk around, but I think you did a good job. Excellent implementation of the theme.

KungPhoo says ...

Well, the theme was picked up right and the game has some nice elements (the texts and the mission and such).
However, the flickering is just unreal. Why didn't you use any other method to set the cursor position than system("cls"); - I mean, you only have a windows version, anyway.

sf17k says ...

cool map, cool story. found myself immersed in the game for its short duration..gotta love ascii

increpare says ...

Got lots of flickering whenever I moved which hurt my eyes a little. Story seemed interesting, but eventually I didn't know where to go and wandered aimlessly before quitting.

Also, you didn't include source code as mandated by rules?

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