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Dream Explorer

by scellers - Competition Entry

This is a game about exploring a dream as you try to wake up - your shape changes from dream level to dream level as the dream evolves.

This is a VERY short game, but I hope to expand the levels and gameplay over winter break.

Left and right arrow keys to move, up to jump, enter to interact with objects.

Tools used:
Python and Pygame and a few utility files from a previous game.
Graphics made in Photoshop.
Music made in AudioTool.
py2exe for the exe-ing.

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Comments (archive)

jplur says ...

Great graphics, I love the splash screen!

Stalker_23b says ...


recursor says ...

The graphics and concept are quite unique and actually refreshing. A little more polish and this could be a pretty spiffy game.

Stoney says ...

I can't find anything negative to say about this game except for that it's a bit too short. I hope you get a chance to expand the levels.

AtkinsSJ says ...

Really beautiful. :) If there's one thing though, the jumping feels a bit odd. But it's good you're planning to expand it. :D

SonnyBone says ...

I dig the art, but I also agree on the odd feel of the jumping.

Hempuli says ...

The musics were great! And the gloomy graphics were really dreamlike!

Atomic says ...

Best. Graphics. Ever.
Physics do need more work to be smooth, though.

PsySal says ...

Everything about this is awesome, except the jump mechanics. You really need better movement if you want to expand on this. Nevermind that, though. The overall feel is amazing, I love that you change shape each level and that you sort of have an abstract-yet-not-abstract object (why do I interact with a lightbulb? it doesn't matter!) and it made a peculiar kind of sense. Beautiful artwork, both in conception and in execution. The only other complaint I have is that it's a little short, even for an LD, but the detail in the graphics makes up for that.

pythong says ...

wow. when I say "great graphics", then I mean great graphics, and these were GREAT! plus, the music was very fitting for that psychadelic feeling
but, yeah, it was too short though
uh, i'm a giraffe :D

Cosr says ...

Nice graphical style, to be sure. You warned it was short, but it was still shorter than I expected.

dock says ...

Wow, this is really beautiful, and I adore the music. I'd prefer to see something short but delightful like this than something long and boring, so I think you definitely had the right approach :) (also, yay giraffes!)

localcoder says ...

This is beautiful! I love the bright, creative platforms, and the subtle backgrounds - I didn't notice the huge dinosaur on level 2 until my second playthrough.

Looking forward to seeing your next game :)

Entar says ...

Really cool art style, decent music. The guy could use some animation. I couldn't figure out how to do much of anything, super short. This has some potential though.

sinoth says ...

The graphics are lovely! I also really enjoyed the music. The physics could stand to be tighter and the gameplay refined. With a little more meat this would be a solid platformer.

JackZack says ...

Graphics were very nice, although it could use some animation, even really simple ones.

increpare says ...

I quite liked this. Graphics were good, giraffes were ace.

DrPetter says ...

Short! Nice dinosaurs.

sirGustav says ...

graphics are awesome, jumping/falling feels stiff

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