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Cubees: Age of Exploration

by Tempest - Competition Entry

Embark on a career as a Cubee explorer! Travel to new lands and discover their secrets. You can explore as long as you have supplies to do so.

Receive rewards for your exploration by mapping the entire island, finding resources and native villages!

Use the arrow keys to move your character around the island.

Unity, Photoshop (Textures), Random7 (Music), Cfxr (FX)

Dev Blog:
Gameplay Video:
Timelapse Video:

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Comments (archive)

moltanem2000 says ...

really fun! i'm at level 21 and still playing. could use a bit more of a difficulty curve though, i have 1085 moves left :P

Stalker_23b says ...

Good game, and characters are pretty )

C418 says ...

Good game! Feels polished. A bit too easy I guess.

eli says ...

Absolute polish ... I love the different characters on the "team".

SonnyBone says ...

This can easily become something really awesome if you keep working on it. The audio fits nicely and the world / player graphics are pleasant. The worst part is that your little avatars don't really mesh well with the rest of your aesthetic. OVERALL A REALLY NICE GAME!

scellers says ...

Wow, this is incredibly polished! A fun game, a cool concept, and everything just seems to fit together very well. It'd be cool if you could have some of the character graphics as skins on the cube - that would make it even more charming.
Keep up the great work!

arzi says ...

I still think the core gameplay is very solid, but the game does lack a feeling of progression.

I like the overall art style, but the avatars don't mesh with it all too well.

Overall, well done!

Hempuli says ...

Very enjoyable. :)

Maple says ...

Hey, i remember you from YoYoGames :o i was Darkpoison back then. Anyway, really nice!

refrag says ...

Very polished. Very fun. I really enjoyed this game!

ianh says ...

Hey, I like the avatars! Great game, though I wish there were more abilities, types of things to discover, or some other reason that I should keep playing beyond the first few levels.

dock says ...

Really cool! Congratulations Tempest, this has a lot of polish for a Ludum Dare game.

TenjouUtena says ...

Music gets a little repetitive, and the gameplay needs to be tweaked to give a bit more challenge, but really really good overall.

Entar says ...

Cool idea, nice simplistic style. You could go a lot of ways with this if you wanted, it has some potential. Decent music too.

matrin says ...

The game is to easy, it would probably benefit from a bad square (right now you only have neutral and good) and more sophisticated islands, so it´s more of a puzzle, right now it feels like just a sandbox.

Doches says ...

A quirky, cool little puzzler. Not what I was expecting when I first set sail...

increpare says ...

compelling stuff : )

cptalbertwesker says ...

This game is amazing, one of the best I've played because you don't want to quit, the graphics are nice, and the idea is simple but effective, you perhaps are given too many moves though as it is easy to keep playing without having to glance at your moves

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