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Quest For The Ring

by KillerMan1501 - Competition Entry

Original Music, Original BG's, Original EVERYTHING.

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Comments (archive)

SonnyBone says ...

I believe your collision detection needs work. I keep getting killed even when I'm not touching anything directly.

Selkie says ...

I couldn't download it, can you upload a mirror? =)

Hempuli says ...

The gameplay is really frustrating!

localcoder says ...

The second screen is very hard and I almost quit there. It's not just that it's hard, but that each time you die you have to click through the high score screen and then start all over again. I would prefer to be able to try again straight away.

I did eventually get through that screen though and enjoyed the next few screens, but as you only get one life it is still very unforgiving.

Please consider letting people continue on from the screen where they died instead of starting again.

I got up to the skylinecity level. It looks like there is a lot of variety in the level backgrounds which is cool.

hubol says ...

I am almost convinced this is a joke game. It has all the "qualities" of one. It's pretty hard because of the awful physics.

It seems to linear for an exploring game.

Using GM for "forever" hasn't paid of for you, buddy, hate to break it to you.

Wiering says ...

This game is very frustrating.

Zecks says ...

the guy says he's been using GM for forever and creates this?

well he certainly deserves 5 humor points for that

also that he advertises that it has ORIGINAL EVERYTHING omfg!!!!

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